Who Gets The Title Of The Most Feminine Man In Bigg Boss Season 8?

Who is most feminine man in Bigg Boss 8. We talk about two male contestants who literally act like women, apart from Sushant. Sushant is a declared gay,..

Sushant Divgikar!

Doesn’t this name come on your lips immediately when you think of the most feminine male inside the Bigg Boss house?

Alas, you’re wrong guys! He is the most obvious choice, but scratch below the surface, read some more of body language, analyse some more actions of other males and ta da! Two macho, strong men come to surface whose actions place them in a head to head fight in the title race to become the most feminine male of this season.

We are talking about Arya Babbar and Puneet Issar! Shocking, isn’t it? Well, for us as well since never expected these men to behave the way they are behaving inside the house!

First, let’s talk about Arya. By now, you all must be aware about how he behaved with Minissha Lamba and reacted to her allegations of fixing love-game before entering the Bigg Boss house.

The way he reacted was very womanly!

That’s how we see immature women arguing and fighting and giving a tit for a tat, sometimes for no reason at all! Even when Salman Khan tried to give him hints or when Diandra Soles tried to explain that he was wrong, he was acting like a sulking woman and talking about his rights as man! Yeah, whatever! Which grown up man behaves like that? It was fine if he acted like a cry baby or a pampered brat of a big film family (that is actually expected out of him, but he is a poor actor, can’t even do that!), but he behaves in typical womanly fashion! Sad!

Now about Puneet Issar!

He is the eldest of all, most experienced as well, yet we see him gossiping and bitching the most about other contestants. Surprisingly he observes women and their actions the most and seems to have a mastery over how a female mind works! The way he draws conclusions after observing a female contestant’s behaviour or mode of action can give even some women a complex! As such, so much of gossiping is usually considered to be women’s territory, but in this house, Mr. Duryodhan has encroached upon it and sitting pretty in it! Not a good sight, really!

So now, what do you guys think? Who should be getting the title crown? Arya for being a young man, but acting like a woman or Puneet for being the father figure in the house, but acting like a third-grade gossip queen!

Wait, before we decide, we got to ask Sushant to gracefully voluntarily give it up!

That’s easy, hopefully!

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