This Is SRK’s Message To All The Women Age 18-80 And It’ll Make You Respect Him Even More!

SRK Talking About Women

SRK Talking About Women – SRK is not just a great actor, but he is also an inspirational person.

He is handsome, witty, and most importantly respectable. Like they say, SRK is certainly the “MAN OF DREAMS”. He might be 50, but he knows how to woo a women. So undoubtedly, we must say that Gauri is really, really lucky to be his WIFE.

In movies, SRK is shown to be romantic. In interviews, SRK revealed that even in personal life, he is a romantic man and he knows how to impress his lovely WIFE Gauri. Talking about talent and romance, there are many actresses who are still dying to work with him. But, only the lucky ones get the opportunity to act opposite him.

Plus, the fact that SRK respects women is something that is very attractive. To be honest, a man who knows how to respect is a gentleman. Even during interviews, SRK often talks about his WIFE and beautiful daughter, who is now growing up. You know what; you should really watch him while he is answering those family questions, and only then you’ll come to know how much respect he has, not only for his daughter but for all the women out there.

Once in an interview, SRK was asked to give a message to all the 18-80 year old women, and as stated in Cosmopolitan, he said “I think you are the most beautiful thing God has made. Irrespective of what anyone says about you, or tries to demean you, just remember-and I truly believe this-god has made women in His image. I believe women are the gentlest, intelligent and sweet creatures ever created. Remember, there’s no life without women.


I know that you don’t need any reasons to FALL IN LOVE with him again and again, but his answer will certainly make you respect him even more.

SRK Talking About Women – He is a gentleman, agree? 

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