#AwkwardMoments #GettingCaught Can You Relate To These Situations?

Getting caught at an awkward situation, Oops…Caught in the act. You start cursing your fate, the timing; everything around you seems to be questioning your conscience.

That awkward moment when you are checking condoms in a shop and your mother barges inside with her big shopping basket…you start cursing your fate, the timing; everything around you seems to be questioning your conscience.

The teenage phase is filled with the most embarrassing moments coupled with excitement.

The drama involving the several excuses one can come up with when caught in the wrong time is something worth discussing.

Let us explore some situations and the possible explanations one comes up with when caught in the act:

Your mom finds your #Lighter that you brilliantly forgot on your study table:

The most common answer is to say it is you friend’s lighter. Some brilliant cases can also lead to passing the buck on your father.

When suddenly your mom stands in front of you and you go total blank it is quite a possibility that you give the dumbest answer. Don’t be surprised if you hear yourself saying “Oh I have a habit of collecting lighters.”

A police finds you suspicious for some odd reason and demands to see your cell phone. You have #Porn in your mobile.

This is a total OMG moment. Most of the people at such a situation would try bribing but that is a huge risk. One you are caught for having porn and if the police inspector is the ideal types then you are dead as you tried to bribe him.

Some might go with the famous line “You know who my Father is?” But again that also if it backfires can lead to some serious damage.  

You have an #Erection and you are caught by your sister

This is a classic case where you are going to be officially grilled for the rest of your life. Siblings need that one case to remind you of your misery. This kind of an incident would lead to blackmail sessions for the entire life.

If your sister enjoys glamorizing your misery then you are gone. This episode would be the only topic of discussion in the dinner table.

You are #Masturbating and your mom barges into the room

Moms for some odd reason don’t really associate much with the knock before entering system. According to them their son no matter how grown up he might be is still that small kid.

So this kind of a situation isn’t really out of this world. In such a case one finds himself in the ultimate embarrassing state. The brilliant answer to this would always be to tell your mom you have some infection in that area.

The motherly nature would immediately pacify the tension in the air and you would find her looking at you with the ultimate concern and care possible with her series of suggestions about various doctors.

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