5 Things You Can Learn From Bigg Boss 8 Contestant Diandra Soares!

What To Learn From Diandra Soares – She considers herself to be some supermodel or whatever, but comes across as a highly fake person. She is not the only one of her kinds though!

Before we start this lecture or lesson, as you may call it, would like to inform you guys that this is in no way going to help you in your MBA programme or a Phd. thesis or anywhere else.

In fact, we don’t even know if Diandra Soares is a name that rings any bell in your head or if you are even least interested in her.

But yes, for the unawares, kindly note that since you have read these few words already and must be wondering who we are talking about, let us enlighten you that we are going to analyze the life of Bigg Boss 8 contestant, Diandra Soares!

Oh, we mentioned her name already, didn’t we?

But it’s ok; she isn’t that famous to be remembered just like that. Still she is giving some lessons which may help somewhere someone in some way.

Okay, enough of philosophy, let’s see what this contestant is doing so special inside the house to be considered one of the most irritating contestants of this season! The things we can learn from her are:

1) How to say Oh My God!

Well, this could be her signature line pretty soon. In fact many of us say and remember God in so many ways and at so many times, but the way and with the style that Diandra says it, no words to describe it! It can easily be the one of the most fake ways to say Oh My God, but what the heck!

That’s still an art you know! Learn it guys, who knows where you might need it!

2) How to commit mistakes and remain cool!

Now this is a personality trait which hasn’t been bestowed on average mortals. One has to acquire it with great amount of shamelessness, arrogance and an air of superiority around oneself! It seems Daindra has practiced it real hard in the garb of being a woman out to achieve something in life.

That’s the reason she had the guts to hurt Sonali Raut and still laugh about it! Did someone just said, thick skin?

3) Saying sorry, but immediately bitching behind the back!

Now this is a classic case of hypocrisy and double-standards which is so much prevalent in our society these days. Just that Diandra seems to have become the master of this act despite herself crying out loud that she calls a spade and spade and is fair in her dealings! As clearly shown in the episode, she apologized to Sonali and immediately after that, she was bitching about her to Karishma Tanna! Ms. Soares, humility in apology, ever heard of this phrase? Ever heard of Buddha’s teachings?

Well, leave it! We are here to learn from her, not teach her, right?

4) Show attitude, yet call it Professional style!

Now this clearly takes the cake! Read carefully guys. Whenever one makes a mistake and someone points it out to you, just thro attitude and say oh, this is how I stand or behave since its part of my professional body language! You know we are referring to her confrontation with Ali Quili Mirza where in he pointed out her flaws and she disguised her arrogant attitude under the garb of her ramp walk pose! How intelligent na? You’re right Diandra, we all were blind and really couldn’t see what you were doing there.

Thanks for a great lesson though!

5) Be a thorough entertainer, even if a cheap one!

Now this is like the crux of her entertainment philosophy! It is clear that no matter how she is perceived or how her actions are interpreted by the common man, she is not going to leave the Bigg Boss house anytime soon, purely based on her stupid, idiotic and cheap attention seeking tactics. That’s what matters right? Just to stay inside the house and give entertainment, even if of standards worse than Chinese quality!

Learn it guys, this is like the golden rule!

Hope you all are enlightened and there will be a new dawn in your lives, thanks to Diandra! If not, blame her, we just tried to interpret her life or lessons or action or whatever crap she is into!

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