Ho Gaya Ho Gaya Ho Gaya: Karishma Aur Upen Ka Smooch Ho Gaya!

Finally Upen Patel has been able to kiss Karishma on national television. One wonders, what happened to Karishma’s so called boyfriend?

The D-day arrived and went off without much fanfare except that the repercussions of the big moment will be heard and felt for many many days to come!

Yes, we are talking about the ultimate moment in Bigg Boss season 8 when the once-evicted-again-inducted contestant Upen Patel finally expressed his love (or lust or whatever) for Karishma Tanna by kissing her on the lips!

You guys did see it, right?

The moment which lasted for a fraction of a second in the middle of the dark night, in the darkness of the house when the night vision cameras work overtime to capture any such scintillating scandalous activity by the housemates.


It was a day of celebration that after almost four months, the cameras finally got to capture such a moment which has the supreme potential to wreak havoc in Karishma’s life as well as bring lots of happiness and joy as well.

First, let’s talk about how it can create havoc.

Well, Karishma has declared umpteen times that she has a boyfriend outside the house and she is steady with him and doesn’t want any love angle in the house.

Fair enough, right?

So was she checking how does Upen’s lips taste like and what is the texture of human lips which are from England?

Or may be she must be trying to check whether Bigg Boss’ cameras work or not!

Don’t worry girl, they work and pretty fine as well. Now about quality of Upen Patel’s lips, you can share your experience if you want to, hordes of girls would be interested in knowing about the finer details. Of course she loves her boyfriend and won’t cheat on him on a public platform like Bigg Boss, it is against her dignified character and moral values which she keeps on such a high pedestal all the time, right? Do we hear someone saying a hypocrite cheater? Ahhh may be we are ‘hearing’ things!

Well, just in case this was Karishma’s way of ending a relationship with a bang, she succeeded and like how! No guy or girl would have been dumped like this ever, anywhere. Poor now soon to be ex-boyfriend (officially you know, since Karishma might like to call their off after she comes out of the house!) would be wondering what hit him! However, if Karishma’s guess is genuine that Upen Patel really loves her and is not using her to stay in the game, then there might be the beginning of a love story. But then, who can be so sure that she herself is not playing a game with Upen to remain inside the house? She is after all one of the most opportunistic girl to have participated in the game show.

We seriously don’t care whether this love-affair works out or not.

All we are happy about is that the guys are stooping down to such levels, thus meeting our expectations that participants do leave out their sense of ethics and values when entering the Bigg Boss house. Another girl loses respect for lying through her teeth about having a boyfriend and being serious in a relationship!

It’s all about money, honey! Are we right or are we right? 

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