This Industry Is Of The Women, By The Women, For The Women! Want To Be A Part Of It?


The world has been run by men for ages and even today, most of the workplaces have majority of the men running it. However, things are changing in some workplaces thanks to special skills that only women possess and which are in great demand as well!

I’m talking about the Hindi TV industry operating majorly out of Mumbai!

Yes, all the producers may or may not be women, but the day to day functioning of any TV serial is run majorly by women. These shows have strong female protagonists, a strong creative team comprising of women and their prime target audience is also women only!

If you look deeper inside the industry, you’ll find that most of the writing work is done by female writers, even though a lot of men have also made their mark and are equally and sometimes even better than women at writing TV shows catering to women. But, primarily it’s the women who rule the roost. Then it’s the creative department in productions houses where the primary job is to ensure a show looks as grand as it looks on paper. Again, this department is occupied mostly by women, who understand the nuances of a subject and bring their own female perspective in regular soaps that involve dealing with female emotions only.

When it comes to channels, most of the staff working in the programming division that deals with the creative and operational parts of a show is made of women only. There are men involved as well, but the majority is of women. The reason is again the same: they possess the sensibilities and come equipped with emotions and feelings that have to be conveyed in a show for target audience! This way they can channelize their energies in a better manner and make a TV show tailor-made for millions of women in the country!

When it comes to technical jobs like direction, camera work, production, it is still handled mostly by men, but TV industry is ruled by women! To be a part of it, if you’re a man, you don’t need any superpowers, except the ability to understand the female psyche and be extremely creative in your job. There are courses in mass communication that can give you an educational base to land up with a basic job, but it is not mandatory! It definitely is a plus though!

However, be ready to work around women, be ready to have them as bosses and keep your male-ego out of the door! For girls, you can really command this place of work if you’re good at your job! If you don’t know it, learn the ropes while working or assisting someone and if you have the spark, nothing can stop you from rising higher and higher in no time!

Hindi TV and especially the soapy dramas are mostly watched by housewives all across the country. If you think you understand how they think and what kind of entertainment they would love to watch, join the industry in any capacity! Fresh ideas and raw energy is always given a preference!

Good luck!

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