Bigg Boss 8: Will Sonali Raut’s “Bare Ass Act” Save Her From Elimination?

Sonali Raut shows her ass in Bigg Boss 8 is suddenly all over the town. Add to it her claims of feeling supernatural acts around her.

Bigg Boss8 has completed 14 weeks and every contestant is trying their best to remain in the show till the finale! 

However, the desperation among some contestants is going through the roof and they are crossing all possible lines of decency to gain publicity, even if it is cheap and dirty publicity.

The topper of this cheap game in this season is none other than Sonali Raut!

Yes, the same girl about whom various speculations for being close to Salman, for being brainless etc. etc. have been doing the rounds has created another super hot controversy to stay in the news. This time she took the help of wardrobe malfunction to re-direct all the cameras on her.


Cameras in the Bigg Boss house and outside, all are extremely keen to see what did she show and how much?

Let us clarify that not everything was shown, but whatever it was, that’s enough to create a scandal in itself. Yes, during the Christmas celebrations, she is seen wearing tight pants, which showcased her bottom revealing more than it was supposed to. Come to think of it, a place like Bigg Boss where there are least chances of a wardrobe malfunction, Sonali achieves almost the impossible by wearing clothes which may be don’t even fit her.

But does she care?

No, she doesn’t and actually should not also, since that is what gives her ample amount of screen time and reasons to stay as a part of public discussion and debate, no matter what the final result is. This controversy is followed by another saga where she has been boasting to Salman Khan and the other contestants that she sees, hold your hearts, and talks to, the ghosts! Now that is like the cherry on the cake! One, she claims that she is intelligent and doesn’t give a damn. She proves it by wearing clothes which show more skin that they are supposed to. Then to prove her super-intelligence, she talks about super-natural stuff! Isn’t she adorable?

That was a joke actually. We wonder why she had to stoop to such low levels of cheap publicity as far as those low waist pants are concerned, we better shut our mouth on that! Just for the gossip’s sake,  maybe her romantic angles with Gautam and Upen didn’t go through and there was no other man worthy of her attention. That’s why she must have thought of using the oldest gimmick in the world of fashion disasters to gain attention and be the talk of the town! She did succeed and like how!

After using all the cards up her sleeve, would she be able to save herself from eviction in today’s episode? She can’t go lower than this as it is a family show and channel won’t allow it so this must be her last big gamble to get the audience’s attention and votes.

Whether her fans took the bait or not, we will come to know soon. Keep watching the show and if she survives, we’ll wait with bated breath to know what she does next! Maybe a daring act where she pretends to be possessed by a spirit!

Whatever it may be, It all is going to be super exciting guys!

Stick on! 

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