The Kawasaki Ninja Might Actually Turn Green From The Inside Too! New Patents Hint At An Electric Avatar Of The Bike!

Kawasaki Ninja

The favourite bike of the enthusiastic youth of this world, the Kawasaki Ninja also called the “green monster” is set to turn green, not only on its exterior paint finish but eco-friendly “green”.

The iconic bike that has a thirty year history of being the most famous entry-level bike for enthusiasts is currently under modifications for an ‘electric motorcycle’ overhaul it seems according to a report by famous automotive website Visor Down.

Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja

Report Details

  • The report claims that some new patents have been filed by Kawasaki for electric modifications in their iconic model – the Ninja. Even the leaked blueprints and upscale designs of the bike seem to fortify this claim.
  • There has been a lot of speculation since 2012 that the Japanese manufacturer was really close to cracking the all-electric racing motorcycle.
  • There have been numerous electric bikes launched in the past by several other manufacturers, but this development is special since those bikes tend to be on the costlier side and this one may be targeted at the ‘beginner’ sporting bike category.
  • The patent images show a bike that closely resembles a Ninja 300 and surprisingly comes with a clutch and gearbox, maybe to honour the traditional look and feel of the bike. Please note, that electric bikes have no specific traditional gearbox or clutch selection system, they purely rely on throttling via battery juice and run on automatic gearboxes.
  • The recent reports of patents being registered Ninja E2 and E2R trademarks seem to be true since these reports claim that the company has filed about 10 such patents.
  • According to the leaked images, the design of the bike suggests that the new electric bikes will have the new and improved trellis frame made out of tubular steel.
  • The bike is expected to have lots of power in it since the battery power tends to give a massive boost to the bike when the throttle is opened, as compared to fuel powered bikes. The bike, will however be slower during straight-lining or overtaking maneuvers.
  • The bikes are also considered to have a limited range since they tend to run out of charge, whereas fuel powered bikes offer more mileage.

This report, if true, is really a welcome move for electric bike enthusiasts who want to relish the power of the ‘green monster’ in an electric avatar. If, we look at the current generation of electric bikes, they have tremendous power within them even after being tagged an ‘electric’ bike due to advancements in battery technology.

Since the images show that the batteries can be swapped easily, this is a future proof bike that will endure its usage for the long run.

This “going-green” initiative by Kawasaki if renders out to be true in the future, is surely a blessing for planet Earth and its depleting fuel resources.

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