Why You Should Not Listen To All Songs

Listening to music excessively

Listening to music excessively – Your choices always play a crucial role in building your personality.

The food you eat, attire you opt, people you hang out with, colour preferences and what not, all hands to influence your behaviour and has a direct impact on your mental being. Have you ever wonder how powerful is music, that it can makes you cry, laugh, gives you goose bumps, motivates you and can even cure conditions like insomnia, depression, release oxytocin, etc.

At the same time, it has some side effects as well and that is the result of excessive listening.

Let me put forward few points to justify the statement Listening to music excessively is bad:

Listening to music excessively –


Unwittingly, while singing and listening songs like Chikni Chameli, Fevicol, Laila, Ring ring ringa, Bhaag bhaag DK Bose, Munni badnam, Kaddu katega, Pallu ke neechey, I’m a hunter, Grand masti, Pinky hai paise walo ki, etc. you deteriorates your language and often end up using absurd slangs in your colloquial conversations. Besides, these lyrics affect your mentality as well. The way they portray women in their songs is no less than an object of interest. Talking about empowerment, one should not unheed such lyrics while blaming the stereotypical mindsets.

Listening to music excessively


Songs like DJ wale babu, Hookha bar, Tera buzz, Blue eyes, Party all night, Meri wali ding dong, Pappi song, Aao raja, etc. lacks the basic sense of understanding. Be wise while making your playlist. Noting, eventually you believe in what you listen or say frequently.

Listening to music excessively


Beats are not only addictive but affects directly to your brain receptors if played repeatedly with no pause. Songs such as Manali trance, Dum maro dum, Engine ki seeti, Horn blow, Chotey chotey peg, Second hand jawani, Backbone, Naah, Race on my mind, etc. seems to fill you with vigour and enthusiasm yet at the same are addictive. Be it trance, psychedelics or any other form of EDM, their excess is always lethal.

These days, it is quite cumbersome to find a meaningful song. While running in the rat race seems to be human tendency, notwithstanding the same is the trait of an artist. One should always pay attention to what they listen, for what you listen is what you become. While Indian music, once considered divine, has now majorly mended by the western trend and thus losing its cultural identity.

Listening to music excessively

I am in no way criticising the songs mentioned above for they too are the result of sweat and toil, yet when comes to build a good taste, I prefer to keep them aside. Listening to these songs rarely or dancing on their beats in a party or on an occasion will not harm your personality but to add them in your playlist might affect. Your playlist defines your personality and your taste. Obviously, you can’t shut your ears if you come across a song being played next door, but it’s in your hand if you want to add that to your songs’ list or not.

Listening to music excessively

This way Listening to music excessively may be harmful to your mental health.

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