5 Reasons Why We Are Excited About Bindass Naach!


Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!

And many who love dancing would know why I said that.

If dancing is your passion, if it’s your dream you would surely connect with the upcoming show Bindass Naach.

I was spellbound when I saw the promo of the show and it just made me curious to know more about the show.

I also saw the excitement of the fans on social media sites for the show and must say they look highly impressed with it.

What makes Bindass Naach different from other dance shows? Why are fans excited to watch the show?

Well “Bindass Nach” is a never-seen-before concept with dance at its core and trace the lives of three youngsters- Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon D’mello and Nimit Kotian, who along with their dream team, go on to compete at an international level, as per reports.

The show which is a Disney ABCD franchise and produced by BBC World Wide Ltd, will capture the journey of these three talented and passionate youngsters.

Is it because of the lover boy Shantanu Maheshwari return to the TV screens or something else that is making the fans go gaga over Bindass Naach? Well we look at the possible reasons.

So Today we look at reasons why we are excited about Bindass Naach just like you.

The return of Shantanu Maheshwari!

The lover boy of television is back with a bang. Earlier seen on Channel V show ‘Dil Dosti Dance’ as Swayam, this talented young actor is a very popular name in Indian Television. Fans are very much excited to watch this Kolkata boy rock their TV screens once again with Bindass Naach.

See his story here..

Now you would understand why his fans are going crazy over him and the show.

It’s not just Shantanu’s journey but Macedon and Nimit’s journey too I am very excited to watch. These guys have worked really hard for the show and to me this looks like the most kickass show ever. What do you think?

The never-seen-before concept!

The show is not just about dance and dancers but also about their journey. The dance troupe formed by Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon Dmello and Nimit Kotian will participate in an international dance championship to represent India for the very first time. Isn’t that something to be proud of? This is going to be a long emotional journey for these young dancers and their team. This concept is one of its kind which has never been tried before and that’s what makes the show more special.

See the promo here…

Palki Malhotra’s magic!

The lady surely has got the magic wands to make the youth connected to her shows. Be it Dill Mill Gaye or Dil Dosti Dance which she had to leave midway, she has always given the best to the audience. Be it finding Czech dancer and choreographer Dzajna ‘Jaja’ Vankova best known for her role in ‘Step Up All’, as one of the mentor for the show or coming up with the most creative ideas, the creative producer at BBC India has always been phenomenal. Also we get to see Dil Dosti Dance kinda reunion in the show with Shantanu Maheshwari and Macedon D’mello on board. What else but magic, thrill and passion we can expect from the lady?

Emotional Connect!

Every dancer or even a dreamer for a matter of fact would connect with the show. Well our society never fail to judge us and everyone around would try to bring us down, but how we rise above that truly shows our character. The show will surely motivate you to follow your dreams and passion irrespective of what people say. I am sure the show will connect with many of us and the makers have done that quite beautifully.

Because we just love everything about dance!

Yes we are obsessed with dancing. We loved ABCD and the show is just an extension to the film as TV series and it looks exciting. We loved how these youngsters danced their way to the famous Shree Siddhivinayak Mandir.

See the video to see yourself how they impressed us with this.

We just want to wish these three talented youngsters and the entire crew for the success of the show and also for the competition.

Are you also excited for the show?

Mark 16th of August in your calendar as that’s the day the show will be launched. You can watch the show only on Bindass at 7 pm!

Don’t forget to share what you’re most looking forward to in the show by commenting below.

Keep dancing guys and remember Any Body Can Dream!

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