We Invite You In The Bedroom Of Rashmi Desai – Gaurav Chopra To Witness Hot Love Making

We talk about love-making scene about to be telecast in TV soap Uttaran. Trends are changing when it comes to TV content and bold content is being shared. What will be the next stage?

Television just got steamy!

Yes guys, temperature is rising and soon you will be invited right inside Rashmi Desai and Gaurav Chopra’s bedroom when it actually matters!

We are talking about their bedroom in the serial Uttaran where they are playing the parts of Tapasya and Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore respectively. A hot and sizzling love-making scene is going to be shot soon.

Uttaran just completed 1400 episodes and going by the successful run of the show, producers need not use such gimmicks for popularity. However, when you have two sizzling hot actors- sexy Rashmi Desai and handsome hunk Gaurav Chopra– their sexual chemistry has to be explored for everyone’s benefit. It only makes sense, right?

There is more reason for showing some oomph on TV considering that Rashmi has worked hard on her figure. After marriage she had gone a bit on the plump side but recently she worked her ass off to get back into shape. The results are there for all to see. A hot and delicious Rashmi is oozing sensuality on screen with her newly-toned body and her evergreen beauty. Anything more we can get from her, is always going to be a bonus! “winkwink”

As far as Gaurav is concerned, he has always been the darling for scores of women all across the country. With his unkempt hair and messy facial hair look, he has always maintained himself as this wild stud every girl fantasizes about! Coming together of Gaurav and Rashmi in a passionate rendezvous, even if as characters for their show, is definitely going to bring more eyeballs and will raise the mercury many notches higher!

When contacted, Rashmi declined to give any comments. Is she acting all coy or maybe too much engrossed in the preparation for the scene? Only she knows but Gaurav did spoke about it. He said, “The scene is a passionate Mills and Boons kind of a sequence and has a kiss. What we actually did or didn’t I shall not reveal till the telecast”. Now this is going to be super-exciting given the fact that very few actors have tried to push the envelope when it comes to love-making or even a kiss on TV.

We think, it is an interesting development for TV audience, even if it might make some of them uncomfortable. Earlier people use to rush to cinema halls to watch their favourite actors get intimate. Now their TV idols are bringing all the fun and excitement right in their living rooms! This might make film-makers take it as some competition and go a step ahead to cross some boundaries in movies. Whatever happens, we the audiences are clear winners!

So, stay hooked to Uttaran and enjoy the entertainment dished out for you! Happy viewing guys!


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