Career Options After Event Management Course

Most of the youngsters are running behind becoming engineers, doctors, charters accountants, and MBAs they are considered prestigious in our country. And there are many who are looking for challenging, glamorous, and something different and new professions.

Most youngsters are running behind becoming engineers, doctors, charters accountants, and MBAs they are considered prestigious in our country. And there are many who are looking for challenging, glamorous, and something different and new professions.

In that case, Event management, an interesting as well as glamorous profession, is an industry which is growing by the day and catching the youngsters’ attention. The reason of being so popular id it requires very little theoretical knowledge and more of practical execution.

Making this a career would be one of the most challenging and best options.

Therefore, you could enroll yourself at the National Institute of Event Management (NIEM) to get a diploma in event management and get a chance to work with biggies in the field of events.

If you have excelled in this diploma course, you could also stand a chance for a campus recruit.

Events are vast and can be related to various industries like alcohol and trade, clubs, wedding planners, stage shows, corporate events, road shows, etc. You name the industry and they could be connected with event management in small or even big ways.

The standard job profiles will remain the same. So here are a few options you could choose from post completion of event management diploma.

People part of the client servicing team play an important role during the raw formation of the event. They are the people who are involved in the needs of serving the client’s according to their taste and their liking. Before the event goes to other stages, client servicing people are involved in the quotation and look after the needs of the client. If you possess excellent communication skills, this could be your choice.

Designers are the luckiest people when they choose their job profile as they have a variety of fields to choose from. If you ever thought designers were not part of events, then you need to get your facts in place. Designers also have an equal hand in during the raw process of event management. After the event deal is locked by the client servicing people, it is the job of the designers to design the final look of the set or the decided matter. Designers don’t need to possess special qualities apart from thinking out of the box and an experience in design.

If you are not the type who loves outdoor working, then logistics would be your cup of tea. To be a part of logistics is not rocket science. It involves a lot of paper work – from raw event planning to selection of raw materials necessary to sorting out the paper-work for the event, would be your job to handle. Different types of events require different skills for logistics. A corporate event would require a person who possesses good communication skills along with an understanding of the company profile. To be a part of logistics, you need to be a responsible person yourself.

Thought marketing was only part of a corporate firm? Then think again. Marketing an event is of high priority to garner the right response from the audience. For corporate events, marketing isn’t important but for outdoor events especially where celebrities are involved or even for road shows, music concerts, etc marketing plays an important role. Apart from good communication skills, you don’t need to be Einstein to know it all. Create a hype and automatically things will fall into place.

People always relate production to a film set up or to a television serial set up. No one even has a hint that production is an important part of events. The production team handles the final set up of a particular event. They are the backbone of events. A strong production team will ensure a perfect event execution. To be part of the production team, one needs to first love working with a team and treat others well. Apart from this, you need to be a cool headed person rather than being hot tempered as it would affect the execution of the event.

The key skill in event management is communication. You communicate well and the event is already in your hands. If you are hard working, possess leadership qualities are patient as an individual and have the ability to work and function properly with others, then becoming an event manager won’t be a difficult task. You can’t become an event manager over night. You need minimum 2-3 years of experience in the field of events to climb up the ladder.

Celebrities have now become the brand ambassadors everywhere. Apart from Bollywood, they leave their mark and glam at every place they visit. So having a celebrity for an event is a plus point to get satisfaction from the audience. But once a celebrity is involved, the crowd not only turns out in numbers but also creates ruckus to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. Hence having a celebrity manager is necessary. This doesn’t mean you become the official manager. You would only have to take care of the needs of the celebrity for that particular event and ensure their safely.

Freelancers have become a hot favorite amongst college going students. To earn a little extra pocket money, event companies call out for freelancers from colleges to be part of their events. Promotional activities at malls, event organizers, etc are being done by regular college students as companies find this a cheaper way to get their work done while students find it another way to earn extra pocket money. The freelancer technique is a win-win situation for both parties – companies as well as freelancers.

While we watch events being executed day in and day out on the television, internet or are even part of live concerts, we may feel it’s easy. But planning, organizing and executing and event are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Although it may look or sound easy, being a part of events is a completely new and difference from handling the client’s needs, to the raw sketching, planning and the final outcome requires days of dedication and hard-work.

If you have chosen event management as your career option, it is always advisable to possess good communication skills along with ability to work in a team with a cool, calm and composed head.

If you have a bad temper, it would be advisable to work on it and keep it under control as event managers require a lot of patience, they need to be hard-working and have the ability to take responsibility.

Hope our suggestions have come in use.

Do comment below and tell us which profile interests you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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