It’s Raining Channels Everywhere, But Who’s Watching?

ShahRukh Khan launches new television channel

Entertainment is really taking new wings in India!

As if it wasn’t enough to have so many New Television Channels In India, more and more are making their debut to provide us what they think would be more entertainment for us.

True, we Indians hardly have any outdoor facilities for a wholesome family entertainment except going to malls (that too in few select cities!!) or watching movies, but it doesn’t mean that we should be bombarded with hordes of TV channels in the name of entertainment trying to dish out same old stuff at the same timing, just with new packaging!

This time it is about Zee TV’s new offering ‘&TV’ getting launched on 2nd March’15.

&tv by ZEE

&tv by ZEE


It was only recently that Zee had launched another channel, Zindagi showcasing Pakistani serials which definitely got some great reviews based on an engaging and realistic content in fictional space.

Zindagi Channel by ZEE

Zindagi Channel by ZEE

However, with &TV, it is entering the fiction show market with the kind of shows that we already see on other channels like Star Plus, Colors, Sony TV or Zee TV itself!

&TV is reportedly going to have four fictional shows to start off with namely, Begusarai, Razia Sultan, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai! and Badii Devrani. While Razia Sultan is a historical show like many other historical shows running across various Hindi and regional channels, Begusarai is based on feudalism based in Bihar and trying to bring a local flavor for the audience. Bhabhi Ji.. and Badii Devrani deals with social dramas in more or less a slice of life kind of way which sounds nice. However, none of these fictional shows are path-breaking or trying to give us something which isn’t already present on other channels.

Then what is the need for an entirely new channel? Is it because the shows have potential, but can’t replace other on-air shows? Or is the channel trying to hit the competition by having another fictional channel under its belt and divide the revenues?

Whatever be the reason, the only thing that matters is that as an audience member, you will have to remember another number on your remote for this channel and those paying for the channel packs, might have to shell out few extra bucks to try out this old recipe in new box! Who knows, this new dish might actually be tastier than what is being currently served!

By the way, to make sure that the new channel is a hit from the word go, they have roped in none other the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan for a reality game show! Going by the track record of SRK’s hosting skills, it looks like a big gamble, but don’t write him off just yet; he might have some surprise up his sleeve!

We really wish that all these new channels do come up with something entertaining and out of box thinking so that we have a motivation to try out their shows for a change.

Or else, remote is still in our hands!

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