Mantras for beginning a new job during slowdown

When starting a new job during recession, there is pressure to prove your work on one hand and the rewards might not come easy on the other hand.

Ayesha (name changed) just joined a leading multinational company in the midst of a slowdown.

A few months back, quite a few people were laid off from the company citing ‘performance reasons’, however the true reason was cost-cutting.

Ayesha is the first employee to be recruited in a while, as a replacement hire for a crucial role. She was shaking of the feeling that all eyes were on her.

Similar challenges are faced by many, who begin their new job in a slowdown. On one hand, there is pressure to prove your work while on the other side; the rewards might not come easy.

Below are a few ways of making the most of such a situation:

1) Be positive by mind and heart

It is imperative to take a long term view. Whether it is the economy or the business, everything faces crests and troughs, but the aim should be positive.

2) Don’t run after money

The recession is a great opportunity to learn and make it big in the middle of hardships. Chasing money in the first year of a new job may result in underperformance. Find a method to hold the circumstances.

3) Tough times are best to learn

Rough circumstances are the best to act like a survivor and learn from hard times. In your job, there is no better way to look forward then to stay focussed on work. For without that no one will have a job in future. Anticipating the requirements of your work ought to be your top priority.

4) Be flexible

During the slowdown, the focus of a businessman turns from the top line to the bottom line. It’s all about putting together competency and rising output, with a strict control on costs. For a person, who is not comfortable in a situation like this, flexibility is very vital. He/she needs to be able to adapt and adjust to the changing situations.

5) Be an origin of support

Empathise with your boss and help him/her incorporate the team. Volunteer of projects and let them know you are game to help out in whatever way you can.

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