Varanasi: An Over-Confident Kejriwal’s Un-Welcome

Adding to this misjudgement, he said that if Modi is defeated in the elections, no one will make him prime minister.

When Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal visited Varansi this time, he received unique welcome. It was rather an unwelcome given his infamous stint in Delhi as chief minister.


Despite the anti-AAP wave flowing along with Modi-wave in the region, Kejriwal chooses to ignore it.

On Tuesday, Kejriwal reached Varanasi and commented on the posters that he had not run aay from his responsibility and that he was in Varanasi only. Maybe his ignorance has clouded his comprehending capabilities too.

Adding to this misjudgement, he said that if Modi is defeated in the elections, no one will make him prime minister.

During an open interaction with the electorate in the constituency, Kejriwal said, “If the people defeat Modi in Varanasi, then no one will make him the Prime Minister of the country… And moreover the BJP will also get finished.”

“Loser from Varanasi seat, Modi will not be made PM by anyone,” he repeated. The AAP chief asked the people “if you Varanasi people make Modi win then what will you get, and if you make him lose from here then what will you get?”

“…just after the polls conclude on May 16, then the next day on 17th Modi will leave for Vadodara. And then just after one month he will vacate this seat and will go back to retain his Vadodara seat. And If you people make him lose from here then a ‘maha-kranti’ (massive revolution) will take place and the politics of honesty will resurrect from this Varanasi city,” he said.

“People are saying here that if Modi becomes Prime Minister then he will make a lot of development of the city… There have been many prime ministers in the country and had they carried out developments in their constituencies… I ask the people here if they (former PMs) could not do so, then will Modi do it?” he said.

“(Jawaharlal) Nehru became PM from Phoolpur and Allahabad constituencies, what developments had he done there… Charan Singh, Indra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Atalji became PM, had they made developments in their constituencies, has Atalji made any development of Lucknow?” he asked.

In his enthusiasm to criticize Modi, Kejriwal has probably forgotten that he did not even dare to fight him from Vadodara. He left Delhi within 49 days of his government while Modi is chief minister of Gujarat from past 12 years.

Four days were too less for Kejriwal to give a report card of Modi’s Gujarat, he should have spent a little more time to deliver a comment on the hard work of Modi and his government. Also, his own party member Meera Sanyal has endorsed Modi’s work in Gujarat when she was on an educational trip there.

His supporters are coming out issuing statements against him one by one and he chooses to be in delusion.

Maybe he should take a hint from his unwelcome from the religious city for his sins towards democracy.

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