Probable Hot And Spicy Love Stories Of Bigg Boss 8!

This is a fictional piece on possible love-angles in Bigg Boss 8. It is high time some hard-core romance happened instead of daily fights and arguments.

Bigg Boss house is not a place for only controversies, fights, abuses and arguments, it is also place for budding romance, erotic nights, heavy duty public display of affection and some bonds which may or may not last outside the house.

It’s been two weeks since this season started and somehow on the surface level, all we can see are the violence-obsessed faces of participants.

Everyone plotting, planning and scheming against everyone else!

Not all is lost though!

Beneath the chaotic surface, lie the bubbles of romance slowly trying to come to surface. We just hope that love prevails and we are able to watch some coochie-cooing inside the house.

Presenting to you, five developing or potential love-stories taking birth inside the house:

Gautam Gulati And Karishma Tanna

Don’t be so shocked! Yes we all know they are at loggerheads and fighting like dogs and cats, but then haven’t you read and watched great love stories? They all start with a serious tiff between the girl and the guy and then slowly love happens! Guess we might see a similar story repeating here as well. Both are good looking and sexy, why not?

Upen Patel And Natasa Stankovic

Either love happens between two people who are poles apart or between those who are extremely similar to each other! In this case, Upen and Natasa have loads in common. Both are extremely good looking and sexy people. Both don’t know acting. Both don’t know proper Hindi either. Only they can understand each other perfectly when everyone else in the house fails to make any sense out of what they are talking! Don’t know what are they waiting for? Propose guys!

Praneet Bhat And Diandra Soares

These two might be looking two absolutely different and crazy kinds of people, but therein lay their similarities and appeal for each other. Both kind of hate each other for hygienic reasons and thinking one is smarter than other. Again a tuning which began on hate and has the biggest potential for turning into love! Guys, find love, not differences!

Puneet Issar And Sonali Raut

This could be the most sensational affairs on any of the Big Boss seasons yet! For Puneet, he has called every girl on the show like his daughter, but that was when Sonali was already evicted from the show. Now she is back, so she isn’t like his daughter. And for Sonali, she looks like who enjoys to tame people and Puneet could be a worthy contender to be tamed! Old man and young girl combination can work best for the show as well as for both these contestants! May be their chemistry can get another film made on the subject with these two in the lead!

Arya Babbar And Sushant Divgikar

This could also turn out to be the most scandalous of pairs ever. Going by his outer appearance and bytes he likes to give, Arya comes across as this angry young man with lot of machismo trying to spill over. However, history suggests that such over-angry over-macho men are the ones who need maximum care, love and nurturing! Now, every girl in the show has an angle related to her career so no one might show that kind of extra love to him. However, Sushant would love to take care of Arya in ways only known to him. Who knows, these two might turn out to be the happiest couple inside!

Well, these pairings may or may not happen, but one thing is for sure, love is going to blossom pretty soon. These are high energy youngsters locked inside a house; emotions are bound to spill over anytime now!

Keep watching for some sensuous romance! 

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