Kamaal R Khan’s Shocking Allegation That Kapil Sharma Is Threatening To Kill Him!

Twitter war that broke out between Kamaal R Khan and Kapil Sharma. It ended yesterday evening only but today morning Kamaal re-ignited it by saying that Kapil has given supari to get him killed. This man has lost it!

Kamaal R Khan! KRK

This is one name that instantly evokes laughter. Not because he is a great comedian but for his antics and desperate attempts to hog publicity.

Poor man, he tries so hard that people should take him seriously but every attempt he makes to prove that he is a serious thinking intellectual or actor or whatever, goes on to prove that he should be avoided at all costs!

This time he has tried to piggyback popular comedian Kapil Sharma’s fame to gain some publicity.

He employed the simplest of tricks to gain some fame. Lazing around on his ass in the comforts of his home, without trying hard, he initiated a Twitter war with Kapil with one sarcastic taunt about his upcoming film with Yash Raj Films. He tweeted, ‘When YRF asked @NargisFakhri to do film with @KapilSharmaK9 She was laughing loudly n said sorry I don’t have dates’.

Only mistake on Kapil’s part was that he gave importance to Kamaal and responded to his pokes. Kapil replied back tweeting, ‘@kamaalrkhan call me.. if u have guts..i will show u.. How to deal with a punjabi guy 🙂’.

That’s how this war broke out and lead to gigantic proportions!

There is always a difference between an achiever and a wannabe-achiever. That is, how much brains one has got. In this case, Kapil surely wins hands down for being smart enough to back out of this stupid argument and ignoring it further. But trust Kamaal for not letting go of such a lifeline for his publicity-hungry soul. After it had all ended and done away with, today morning he claimed that someone called him up to warn him that Kapil Sharma has given a supari to kill him!

He even tweeted, ‘This guy is calling me n saying tat he is a DON n Kapil sharma has given him my supaari. 08882-797979. I promised to my bro Mika Singh to not say anything for Kapil Sharma but I have to complaint about threatening calls for sure.’

Has he gone crazy? Or does he think that the whole world is a dumb-wit like him to believe all that he says? He surely has lost it all.

When Kapil was contacted for his side of the story, he simply responded by saying, ‘I didn’t want to retaliate but even I’m a human.’ We guess it is a fair reason but still would like to suggest to Kapil to show restraint in future while responding to such ZERO-IQ individuals!

An old saying might come handy that when an elephant walks, dogs bark!

We are sure this isn’t a serious matter but at least let us thank Kamaal for giving us a heart dose of laughter!

Just raise your standards buddy, and create humor that respects human intelligence! Unlike you, humanity is a superior breed!

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