Is Bigg Boss 8 Going To Be Low On Hotness Quotient?

We discuss about the changed timing for Big Boss 8 which will now cater to family audience. Does that mean it will tone down the content as far as sexuality is concerned? How will it impact its ratings?

The new season of Bigg Boss hasn’t even begun and it’s already making news!

And like how!

You all must be aware by now that the show’s timings have changed for this season and now it’ll air on prime time instead of being telecast slightly late at night.

The idea is to make it a complete family entertainer.


A show like Bigg Boss to be a family entertainer?

No sultry sagas oozing out?

Come on, give us a break!

I wonder what the makers are thinking! Oh no, as per the rumors, it’s Salman Khan who wants the show to be catering to a wide family audience. He himself being a family man wants everyone to love and respect their family, which is fairly understandable. But to force others to watch their favorite spicy show in a family avatar, it is not fair! Let every adult of every family decide for him or herself as to which show they want to see alone or with family. Wouldn’t that be right?

It is obvious that Bigg Boss has become so big in India only due to its mirch-masala content.

Of course, India as a market isn’t like Big Boss’ other markets like Brazil etc where the content is super bold and racy. The audiences in those countries are used to a lot of sex, semi-nudity and what not in the episodes. After all, that is what a youthful show is all about, right? However, we like spice but in medium quantity all covered and stuff due to our culture and values. This is also acceptable as most of us may not be comfortable watching that bold a content, but to totally tone it down and be served a dish which might be diabeticaly sweet?


Over the years, Bigg Boss’ episodes have increasingly shown abusive fights, lot of skin show, late-night coochi-cooing between various contestant couples, and everything possible that can make heart-beats go boom boom boooom! Who can forget the wet swimming pool antics of gorgeous women participating in the show? Alas, all that might soon become history.

Come to think of it, the fights might get sober with contestants not screaming loudly or may be just standing 10 feet apart and just politely telling the opponents to back off! They might start using flowers to show blooming romance between young couples, swimming pool might only be used to wash clothes, the only dresses contestants will be allowed to wear might be long gowns, Patiala suits or plain old saris! Even for guys, no showing off six-pack abs or hairy legs! Wow! Can you guys imagine the scenario inside, if all this happens?

Whoa! Hope it doesn’t become such a family show that the makers have to use time-travel to go back a few centuries and show it to our ancestors! Come on guys, India has progressed pretty well and we are ready for a bit of spice if not all of it! Respect our intelligence and maturity, guys! Right?

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