How Can You Love Your Job Even On A Monday Morning

We suggest a few ways you could love your job on a Monday morning. Read on.

A recent survey showed that Monday is the most hated day of the week, for obvious reasons of course. The general tendency is to associate Monday with a loss of freedom or probably the losing of domination to spend your time according to you. Having trouble to get out of your bed on a Monday morning, even though you love your job is common. So, we suggest a few ways to help you love your job even on a Monday morning. Read on.

1. Plan an outing on weekends

To make sure you have a weekend full of memories which also refreshes your mind and soul, plan a trip or outing with your friends on weekend. The outing does not necessarily have to be somewhere outstation. You could simply plan a get together at a comfy place and spend some good moments together eating and taking selfies.  

2. Find freedom in your job

Another way of countering the feeling of your freedom getting lost is to remember that we have chosen the Monday we face. Monday mornings are not for challenging work, rather it’s the time when you do things that could make the week more productive for you. So instead of thinking of it as just another morning at your workplace, think of it as something that keeps you going all week.

3. Get adequate sleep

This comes from a personal experience. Sleep off the stress you took within for the whole week. For that you don’t have to go early to bed on a Sunday night. You just need to make some preparations for that. Organize your room and dim the lights. Play a light music and feel the stress getting wiped from your soul. Oh. How I love sleeping on weekends.

4. Yummy breakfast

While you stick to some diet related and healthy breakfast generally, change it a little for your Monday morning. Grab or prepare your favourite breakfast on a Monday morning so as to lift your spirits while going to work. However, you may want to avoid sugar based products as sugar provides quick energy, but comes with an energy and brain function crash a couple of hours later.

5. Plan your week

It’s a fresh start of the week. So, before you start answering mails or checking your phone for important work related messages, plan your day wisely. You’ll be doing so while knowing that the rest of your plan is going to be changed, but at least you’ll be able to figure out your own priorities before you have to start dealing with someone else’s. It’s easier to know whether you’ve achieved your goals when you start out with a clear idea of what they are.

So basically, the trick to make Monday mornings refreshing is by bringing the awesomeness out of weekends. Eat, sleep, and travel is the key to no more Moan-days.

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