5 Strategic Moves Used By Natasa Stankovic To Evade Her Eviction From Bigg Boss 8!

It’s about 5 interesting smart strategies which we think Natasa used to avoid her eviction. It can come handy for future contestants!

Bigg Boss has officially begun!

Don’t be so surprised! Opening episode and contestant’s entry in the house etc is all okay, but the real thrill of the show begins with its weekly evictions, isn’t it?

In that sense, the first thrilling moment of the show was captured with the first eviction of this season in the form of Sonali Raut. Now her eviction isn’t that surprising in comparison to how Natasa Stankovic got herself saved from the public’s scrutiny. That too after she was given the majority of the get-out-of-here-you-foreigner votes from fellow contestants! Then something struck! After analyzing her actions post voting, we realized this is a smart girl out here who used her intellectual talent to get audience on her side and earn more votes than other nominees.

Let us share her super-intelligent strategic moves to remain safe, at least for this week!

1) Learn Fast!

She heard the reasons given by other contestants while nominating her with quite calmness and sincerely. Once she knew what her weaknesses were, she lost no time in adapting and learning to work on them.  It is important to be listening without holding any grudges against anyone so that it helps to improve oneself. She did and came out a winner!

2) Improve on weak points!

One of the most common reasons given for her nominations was that she is having food problems as in having difficulty in adapting to Indian spicy food. Post nomination, she was seen having typical Indian food cooked by her fellow mates in there without much complaints and even enjoying. This never-die-spirit was also shown in the episode when she told Salman Khan that she found the food spicy, but to play the game, she is okay with it! Sportsman spirit, or may be, sportswoman spirit!

3) Be SEEN doing even if not doing it!

Another reason for her being nominated was that she doesn’t interact much due to language constraints. It’s a silly excuse to nominate someone, but she took it in her stride and started interacting with almost all the contestants. Even if she wasn’t doing it sincerely, at least she pretended to look genuine! That’s what is required, to be seen involved, even if you’re involved from your heart. After all, these are actors and are paid to do genuine believable acting! She did it with aplomb!

4) Expose yet look dignified!

Natasa is a hot looking girl and she knows her pluses and minuses better than anyone! She not only used her beauty and sex-appeal to entice fellow male contestants, but also the audience at large. She knew it perfectly well that her antics won’t be edited by the channel even if the show is aired for family audience. That’s why she was seen wearing a gown with bare-back and deep cleavage! Now Deepika Padukone has already made cleavage-controversy, Natasa just used it for advantage as well!

5) Look superhot and resemble someone special!

Now this can be acquired or be born with, but know that it is a necessity! To survive such sticky situation, one needs to find a place in host’s (read Salman Khan) heart! It is a common knowledge that Sallu bhai already has a soft corner for her given her cute Hindi accent and resemblance to someone who was once very close to his own heart (read Katrina Kaif)! Even God can’t evict you if Salman wants you in the show; it is as simple as that! ‘wink’wink’

Well, we think anyone trying to go inside the house as a wild-card entry or for next season, do keep these smart moves in mind to be safe from evictions for as long as possible!

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