Watch Video: Ali Asgar Revealed Why He LEFT Kapil Sharma Show And Also Gave Details About His Future Plans!

Future Plans Of Ali Asgar

Future Plans Of Ali Asgar – One thing is clear and i.e. Ali Asgar LEFT Kapil Sharma Show because he wanted too, and Sunil Grover is not to be blamed at-all. We all know what happened between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, and now once again there’s no need to stretch it out. Recently, Ali Asgar, who also left Kapil Sharma’s Show, revealed that he didn’t left the comedy show to show his support to Sunil Grover, but there was something else that was going on in his LIFE.

Now, what was it? In a recent interaction with the media, Ali revealed “It is unfortunate. Whatever happened was not right and should not have happened. But sometimes you come at a position where you have to take a decision. I miss the show, I definitely do. I miss that stage, my team and that group of people. But there came a situation where I thought professionally there was no growth for me. I left the show on creative differences. My character became stagnant and there was no scope for its improvement. So, I took a step back.”

So, Ali decided to quit the show because there was NO GROWTH in his character.

When asked about his relationship with Kapil Sharma, and whether he is upset with him or not, Ali said “Why should I have any grudges against him? We only had professional creative differences with each other. I have nothing personal against him. I learned a lot from Kapil in terms of timing. We had some good memories on the show.”

We can still hope to see Ali Asgar on the show, but obviously some changes need to be done in his character. Guys and girls, if you thought that he is sitting idle, then let me tell you that you’re dreaming, because Ali has a lot to do.

Well, he is FINALLY doing something different here and i.e. dubbing. Yep, he is busy dubbing for the animated series for the 1st time. He even shared how his experience was while dubbing for Despicable 3 characters. Here’s what he said “I am dubbing in Punjabi accent in this series so it was difficult for me to dub in typical animated Punjabi voice, but I really had fun working on it because for an actor it’s a great exercise. I am doing dubbing for men’s voice after long time because for almost 4 years”.

He will also be seen alongside Sunil Grover on a new show on SONY Entertainment Television.

This was all about the future plans of Ali Asgar. Are you excited? Let us know in the comment section below.

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