Once The Show Ends, This Happens To All The Clothes Your Favorite Saas And Bahu Wears!

Facts About Costumes Used In Serials

Facts About Costumes Used In Serials – Daily soaps are NOT just about the “Saas-Bahu” drama that they show on TV. Let’s be honest; they’re also about the clothes that the actors and actresses wear. Especially, television bahu’s who never FAILS to impress us with their sarees and stylish blouses.

While watching TV, have you ever caught your mom or maybe your sister saying “Her saree is so pretty” or “Wish I could buy the saree that Akshara is wearing” Or some even say “Oh damn, I’m going to buy the same saree that Akshara is wearing.”

You know what; I’ve caught my mom saying these things A LOT of times. There are many who don’t really watch TV shows but yes, many FOLLOW the bahu’s & Saas on Instagram, Twitter. You know; they always post pictures in beautiful sarees that they get to wear while shooting. I’m sure you might’ve said that they are so lucky. On the other end, I’m sure that you might’ve wondered about what happens to the sarees that they wear. Have you ever? I have. We all know what happens to the clothes worn by Bollywood stars. But have you wear thought about Telly actresses? For all those who have had this question, today you’ll get the answer.

No doubt, it will surprise you.

From Divyanka Tripathi to Anita Hassanandani, the beautiful and eye grabbing sarees that these actresses wear are often reused. When asked about exactly what happens to it, Television designer “Nikhat Neerushaa” said “The sarees and lehengas of the saas-bahus are reused by the production houses.” According to mid-day, TV producer Rajan Shahi (“Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” and “Aur Pyar Ho Gaya”) revealed “We give a contract to a supplier and the outfits are returned after they’re used by actresses.”

For all those who wondered why these actresses never repeat sarees is because, “it is done to maintain Freshness in look.” “For special episodes such as wedding sequences, we get clothes stitched in advance.”

Here’s Anita Hassanandani looking gorgeous as ever.

I know, the saree is very pretty.

Facts About Costumes Used In Serials – Any thoughts?

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