Historical Facts That Encourages Silicon Movement


The development of Silicon Valley in India did not take place in a few days. Centuries of involvement of silicon has expanded the technological field in India. So, it was indulgent of several years of silicon movement that has enabled to manufacture the products and planning to export to other countries. The parts that have motivated the revolution are as follows:

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Silicon has been the main element of making the products of glasses, as per the historical shreds of evidence about the glasses the existence is from the Mesopotamia ages. The making of small glass beads, vases, and bottles is observed in the details which slowly has driven to a great utility in modern times. The silicon is an important part of the glass, it is brittle that increases the durability, apart from it the appearances are incomparable which we can realize from the intense uses in the different technological industries.  

Silicon elements in chips

When technologies are swelling up, entire necessities and advantages were observed in knowing and improving the computers. The chips were invented as it is a great mode of the semiconductor. The availability of the particles are also easy, silicons are obtained from the sand. The sand contains both oxygen and silicon, improves the facility of manufacturing the chips on higher scales.

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Solar Panels

We already are aware of the solar panels that are made of pure silicon. To produce higher, the silicon movements have been proceeding from the ancient period to the use of the process of solar panels. The main reasons for using silicon is a bad conductor of electricity and a semiconductor.

The recent market has occupied 90 % of silicon made panels which has been on demand for several years.


Silicon movement or revolution to development India

India ranks 52 in 2019 on the index of Global Innovation, apart from its country looks forward to increasing and develop to one of the top outsourcing hubs. Based on a few productive and effective sectors finally created a movement to grow the infrastructure from Silicon Valley that will need the productions through silicon. 

Microprocessors and chips are the compositions from the silicons, so when we see the new eminent risers of commercial hubs apart from Singapore, which leads as an Asian country for providing huge businesses. Now due to the successful formation of the Silicon movement here are the benefits that will enable to flourish of the silicon valley of India to the entire world.

The relationship between India and the US has been growing with time and so they occupy a good official and business sector in India. So, when the product will be at an affordable rate then it is easier to operate. In terms of technology, Indians have been proving themselves highly talented and approaching which will always remain as a positivity with silicon movement.  

Eagerly, new startup companies are looking forward to developing their businesses. Supporting startups and entrepreneurs will help them in the major part of productions. IT sectors were always progressive in India from decades before the Great Recession of 2008. Silicon Valley is already the home of the popular IT brands Apple, Facebook, and Google. 

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