How To Avoid Most Common Mistakes When Exercising

Been following a regular exercise routine? May be that’s the reason there is no growth of muscles or fat loss because of this ‘routine’.

Been following a regular exercise routine? May be that’s the reason there is no growth of muscles or fat loss because of this ‘routine’. These errors result in excessive fatigue, injury and an avoidance of one of the easiest things you can do to improve your quality of life. Here are some tips that might keep you on the path to making an exercise routine that is fun and will add to your energy and health:

Start out with a routine that is appropriate
The first level for beginners start with four minutes of walking, and one minute of jogging. Soon after, you can progress to three minutes of walking and one and half minutes of jogging. In six months everyone does a 5 Kilometer race.

Start with a written plan
If you join a preplanned program, this suggestion is already done for you. If you are going to go out and exercise more than a couple of hours per week, spend a half of an hour designing a plan. You would not start your vacation by jumping in the car and figuring out your destination as you head out. Nor should you begin an exercise program without some written guideline. If you write it down, you probably double your chances of success. There is something rewarding about checking off each workout.

Make sure you have the right equipment to be safe and avoid injury
Good running shoes have become fairly expensive. People who would not balk at spending alot of money for clothes, car accessories or even dinner, are reluctant to spend money for good running shoes. This gets down to priorities. You have to live in your body the rest of your life. That is what the right equipment will do for you. Shoes, bicycles and other equipment you need for exercise should be considered an investment in your health.

Be patient, increase intensity and duration in small doses
Given enough time, the human body is remarkably adaptable. This rule applies to the beginner and Olympic athletes. The rule of adaptation applies to all individuals. In running, we have the 10 percent rule. Do not increase your duration or your intensity by more than 10 percent a week. If you are comfortable with two miles of walking this week, then you can step up to 2.2 miles next week.

Give your body the fuel and rest it needs to support your exercise program
Do not ruin your exercise routine with junk calories. If you want your body to develop to be a Porsche (yes a beauty, isn’t it), make sure you are not fueling it with diesel fuel. For many of us, adequate rest is a real challenge. Work, attending events and leisure activities all compete for our time. Often sleep deprivation is the result. Especially as you get older, you should consider sleep as part of your exercise program. Skimp on sleep, and your risk of injury and illness will increase.

Associate with others that also exercise
If most of your social circle are out of shape and avoid exercise, it will make your progress more difficult. In any endeavor, try to associate with the people that have what you want. If you want to be fit, be around fit people. The more time you spend with people that are successful in their exercise routine, the greater the chance you will also find success.

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