Upen Paalo, Karishma Paalo Lekin Gautam Ko Mat Paalo!

We talk about Gautam’s statement in Bigg Boss house to Diandra. It sounds simple advice, but is there hidden meaning in it?

You must be totally surprised as to what we are saying!

This is a simple interpretation of what Gautam Gulati said in the Bigg Boss house yesterday to Diandra and surprisingly she didn’t get the meaning hidden inside!

What Gautam simply said was, ‘Kutta paalo, billi paalo, lekin galatafehmi mat paalo’.


Now it sounds a simple wise advice, but our smart and intelligent one-man army Gautam, probably for the first time, said something so insightful which hits below the belt and it requires only a genius to understand it! Diandra clearly doesn’t fall in the category of intelligent people, leave aside being genius so it is not expected out of her to understand it, but what was shocking was that none of the housemates also understood it!

All they were concerned about was why did Gautam didn’t ask for Puneet’s release from make-shift jail!

Silly people!

Let us explain to you how Gautam must have made up this advice.

He is a keen observer and must have seen how Upen is always running around Diandra and Karishma. In fact Upen and Diandra are commonly seen sharing the same bed during the day with Diandra’s legs on Upen’s legs or her head on his shoulder etc etc. Since both of them don’t have any romantic or otherwise liaisons, it is obvious that Upen is like a dog for Diandra to cuddle with, play with!


How profound the observation, isn’t it?

As far as Karishma is concerned, she is actually one of the most shaani billi of the house! She sometimes acts dumb, but from inside is really cunning and shrewd! That’s why Diandra has kept her close to herself as a friend, buddy, and colleague! See, that’s how the advice of billi came about!


As far as Gautam is concerned, everyone inside the house, including Diandra have misconceptions, issues and problems with him.

That is a serious galat-phehmi about him!

All sorted, right?

So in simple one-liner Sri Sri Gautam ji Maharaj explained to Diandra that you can have Upen or Karishma, but not me!

In fact he warned that don’t even try to cross my path as any galat-phehmi leads to one’s downfall! Since Diandra has stopped seeing logical stuff, no point in justifying his acts or making her understand his point of view so he felt it right to subtly warn her. Gosh, if this kind of subtlety comes in Hindi cinema, our movies will win Oscars every year!

Anyways, the warning has been given in the form of a suggestion, whether she gets the message today or tomorrow or never, depends on her IQ which might be in single digits! As far as Gautam is concerned, the guy is rocking and like how! He does things which might look crazy to most of the people, but is surely an interesting contestant giving bang for every buck we spend on watching the show! He is a ROCKSTAR!!

Who will be getting next advice from him?

Keep watching this space for more!

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