Why Bigg Boss 8 Contestants Are A Big Blot On Country’s Youth?

We talk about Bigg Boss 8 contestants’ excuses for this week’s nominations. Going by their kitchen politics, it seems these young people are only happy eating but not serving!

A nation’s progress depends on its youth.

If the youth is well-read, well educated, has its morals and ethics in place, a nation will grow in leaps and bounds.

However, if its priorities and principles are not in the right place, nothing can save it from getting doomed!

Going by the actions of the young so-called-celebrities in the Bigg Boss 8 house, it seems that these are being called losers not for nothing!

They are supposed to be the role models for Gen-X watching them from outside, but their actions are so despicable that one feels they have forgotten their country’s principles and ethics, in a blind race to be popular and just to survive in such a shallow reality game show!

It was a nomination episode yesterday and one after the other 6 contestants nominated Natasa Stankovic.

It’s a game and it is fair to nominate a fellow contestant, but the reason given was so lame that one wants to slap each one of them for nominating her. Natasa is a Serbian model cum actress who is used to different kinds of food habits. Obviously she would have trouble eating Indian food which is rich in spices. To give this reason that she is having food related problems and that it is not easy to prepare food separately for her is so dumb!

India’s culture has always believed in ‘Atithi-devo-bhav’, which means a guest is like God!

Okay, we understand that it is a game show and most of the contestants may not consider her as their guest, but she is a guest after all and is here to give these people a competition. Point is, compete with her on equal footing, and don’t try to eliminate her from the show based on frivolous grounds.

To be fair, the girl is hot, sexy and beautiful! Other girls must be getting insecure for obvious reasons and would want to move her out of their way. The right way would have been to co-operate when it comes to simple stuff as food and compete with her in tasks and daily chores. If she fails in that or shows attitude or isn’t a perfect team player, then she deserves to be kicked out!

These young guys and girls inside the house have to keep in mind that by doing anything extra for a fellow contestant will not make them small, instead they will gain respect. In a country which has a tradition of feeding our guests and worshipping our food first before even touching it, it sounds so shallow and meaningless when someone tries to move up the ladder of success by elimination someone based on their food choice.

Come on guys, make the young girl eat something that she loves under the given circumstances with whatever limitations are there and then see if you are better than her or not! If these youngsters continue with this heart-less and soul-less ways of playing a game, they will lose all respect, if any, they have got from their fans!

We have one advice for these contestants: Grow-up people, you’re not from a malnourished country to be so obsessed with food!

You all are educated and belong to an upper strata of society and you have the responsibility to show maturity with your actions, not this idiotic chindi-giri when it comes to food!

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