Dating guide: What turns HER on!

We tell you what turns your women on…read on!

Last time we give the ladies some kickass tips to turn their men on, now it’s sexy time for the men. Girls are quite touchy about these things as they don’t freely express what they wish you do to them. We are here to help you out! Read on:

Hugging her from behind:
The ‘hug from behind’ concept is not only thrilling, but also protective and nice. It makes the girl feel safe and loved. After you have caught hold of her from behind, start nuzzling her neck. Don’t kiss, don’t do anything else. Just brush your lips against her neck and she will fall for you like a pack of cards! Don’t believe us? Try it today itself! Even the conventional hug works…but it’s just that, conventional.

Playing with her hair:
Women are possessive about their hair and love fiddling around with it. When you play with their hair, they blush and give you the ‘I am so smitten’ look. Make use of that and get her into doing naughty things to you. And always say, ‘your hair looks so pretty’. ALWAYS!

Kissing her forehead:
Women love it when you kiss their forehead, instead of their lips. It makes them feel loved than lusted after. It’s a good rule to kiss her on the forehead to get her going. She will not feel uncomfortable when you get her into the groove! Hug her and make her feel comfortable…

Bad boy feel:
Girls will never accept it, but they like their men to be thoda bad. Give her the true macho Hindi hero feel and she will come to you flashing her lashes. It’s a good rule to behave like a baddie, but not be one! Make her feel like a damsel who is about to be in distress and go woo her!

Grabbing her waist:
Not her ass, dears. Grab her waist. It will turn her on like no other thing.  She will be elated when you treat her like she is dainty and you’re her hero. Every girl, despite her feminist streaks, has the damsel in distress syndrome. So be a man and make her feel like a princess. Turn on your charm and turn her on.

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