5 reasons why Bigg Boss ‘voice’ never shows his face

Do you know who is behind Bigg Boss’ voice? We tell you why he isn’t ready to face the world just yet.

His rich baritone has been the talk of the town since the reality show Bigg Boss‘ inception. He is, after all, the bigg boss! He guides, commands, encourages, dismisses and pretty much holds the fort on the show, but strangely, nobody knows who is behind that voice. With the current edition gaining popularity, we got thinking about why his face is never revealed. So we have put together five reasons we think are behind this. Read on.

His voice is computer-generated:
This person doesn’t exist at all! His voice is generated via some kickass software that lends it such a velvety feel. Because if this isn’t the case, why wouldn’t he want to cash in on his popular voice and make various appearances? Yeah, beats us too! So the only possible explanation is that he is a product of somebody’s skills. With so many cool software available in the market, this isn’t totally impossible to pull off. What do you think?

He is a midget in real life:
May be he has been blessed with a voice this gorgeous, but is actually a midget who is not willing to show his face to the world. Although that’s not possible, we are willing to bet good money that it could be the case with Bigg Boss. Since everybody imagines him to be a strapping guy, he wouldn’t be comfortable showcasing his true self to the world. Yes, this is possible. What say?

He stutters in public:
Now, this could be a totally decent reason to not venture into the public eye. Some people are really shy in front of others, to the point of stuttering. May be our man suffers from it too. Since he is superb behind the cameras, he has nothing to worry about at all…if this were indeed the reason, it’s some feat to pull off! Kudos to him. Don’t you agree?

He is a woman:
We are tempted to believe that the reason none of us have ever spotted him is…he is a woman…err…she is a woman! Yeah, that’s possible. May women (and men) can mimic voices and change theirs to suit a situation. It really does happen, so this isn’t a big surprise to us. May be she doesn’t want anybody to hound her on the road, so she has remained inconspicuous. It could also be something that started off as a joke and is now a topic of national debate. If it’s a woman who is behind all this…mam, take a bow! You’re too good.

He wants to be the world’s best prankster:
This is what we have been thinking for the past seven seasons. That this man wants to enter into some kind of record for keeping an entire country guessing about his true identity. He wants to be the worlds’s best prankster who nobody has managed to outdone so far. With an ability to mold his voice, he has been able to fool a lot of us. Do you think this is the reason? We are going 50-50 on this one.

This was our take on Bigg Boss’ famed voice. What about you? Do you have your own theories to tell us? Do drop in a comment in the section below. And if you’re the VOICE behind Bigg Boss, raise your hands and salute yourself!

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