Here Is The List Of Zero Calorie Foods That Actually Exist

Zero calorie foods

Zero calorie foods – Major part of the population is so much concerned about maintaining healthy and fit body and take measure to reach the set fitness goals.

Now when I talk of fitness or low fat diets or completely zero calorie foods, most of you might have your eyes wide open looking out for them Isn’t it?! Yes.

Some of you might even think that there could be no such foods that have ‘Zero calories’.

And so here, we got you a list of foods that absolutely have no calories or the so-called ‘Zero calorie’. Yes, you read that right. Keep reading to find them.

Zero calorie foods –

  1. Cucumber 100 grams has 16 calories

High on water content and so when a cup of cucumbers consumed just before a meal will make you feel fuller, which results in very low in-take of calories.

  1. Green lettuce, 100 grams lettuce has only 15 calories

Generally found in salads, the green lettuces are high in fiber and vitamins A and K. And so this makes you feel fuller for long, which leads to very low intake of food and calories of course.

  1. Watermelon 100 grams has only 30 calories

The fruit has very high on water content that allows you to stay hydrated and fuller for long.

  1. Cabbage, 100 grams has mere 25 calories

Good source of vitamins and fibers. It can be taken instead of those unhealthy junk food cravings. Toss some head of cabbage with some salt and some lemons. This is one healthy option from the boring salads.

  1. Tomato, 100 grams has 18 calories

Low, on the calories and rich on required vitamins and minerals and best to prevent dreadful cancer disease.

  1. Orange, 100 grams has only 47 calories

Oranges are very good as they are power packed with Vitamin C and eating oranges has many health benefits..

  1. Cauliflower

Another healthy and zero calorie option from boring and regular food’s.  Half-boil or saute some of the head flowers of cauliflower with some seasonings and fresh lemons.

  1. Strawberry 100 grams has just 33 calories

Instead of those heavily calories loaded deserts, try taking some chilled strawberries that are good for your health.

  1. Muskmelon, 100 grams musk melon has only 34 calories

This yummy fruit has just 34 calories and has many vitamins and nutrients. So go for it.

These are some Zero calorie foods that are low on calories and the best options for the ones having fitness goals. Try them out and get healthier and calorie free!

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