What’s the big deal about these cupcakes?

Here are few thoughts on why cupcake culture is picking up in India…

All great things come in small packages and all that taste good add on few flabs. The best thing that describes this perfect is a cupcake. If you have a sweet tooth then I am sure these days you must be often popping in cupcakes. It can be noticed that there is a sudden craze for cupcakes in India. People today love to flaunt pictures of this cute looking sweet all over their social media profiles too.

Cupcakes in many other parts of the world are known as fairy cakes or patty cakes are today available in most of the bakeries in India. With westernisation settling in Indian kitchens today many are switching to fancy dessert options. Everyone who loves baking is also trying their hand on making cupcakes. This observation made me wonder what’s the big deal about these cupcakes?

Here are few thoughts on why I think the cupcake culture is picking up in India…

It comes in all sizes
Unlike many other dessert options cupcakes are packaged in different portions as per you preference.


Think of the flavour & you will get them all
Cupcakes are today able in all possible flavour starting from a basic butter one to even an exotic liquor one.


It can be customised interestingly
Thanks to cupcakes today there is an interestingly sweet option that you can opt for on special occasions. There are places where you get them custom made too.


Picture Courtesy: Neha Chawla


Budget friendly dessert option
During a month end if you have a craving for having something sweet and nice don’t be upset a cupcake will not cost you much.


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