7 Mistakes You Are Making While Writing Your Resume! Avoid Them!


Looking for a job?

Well, if you are and if you are making these 7 mistakes in a resume, chances of your getting a job reduce substantially.

To be honest, what and how you write in your resume becomes a testimony to your personality and skills. Make sure you reflect what you want to and what can enhance your career, and not what can ruin it altogether.

Also, if you were not aware till now, get yourself updated on the fact that resumes, like many other marketing materials, have an expiration date. Resume sells your skills, and hence it is a marketing doc for you. But, as the times and the technology change, the procedures of job hunt and evaluations are changing too. Therefore it becomes important to re-evaluate your resume writing styles and avoid the mistakes that you might be making.

Here are the top 7 mistakes you are making while writing your Resume! Avoid them at all costs!

  1. Do Not Make It Look Like An Auto Biography. Keep It Short And Crisp

Ok yes, you are too enthusiastic to write about your achievements, awards, hobbies and interests, agreed! But, the longer the resume, the greater are the chances of it getting rejected. On an average, a recruiter or employer would spend 6 to 10 seconds to take a glance through your resume. The highest would be 16 seconds, if at all it is found worth consideration. If you wish to give away all the info in those 10 or 16 seconds, try to keep it to pone pager or one and a half to the max. Remember, your resume should always highlight the skills, the job experience, and the life accomplishments that are most relevant to your job goals.


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