Bollywood songs that thrive on vulgarity

Bollywood songs that use highly offensive language and cheap choreography


Yet again famous or you may say infamous Punjabi rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is in news for singing Party All Night from the movie Boss. The song actually has some offensive terms and a PIL has also been registered against the film makers. The court has requested the makers to change the lyrics before release and this is not the first time such a decision has been announced. Songs from the olden days not only had melodious tunes but also a meaning that would render your heart. But nowadays songs are really made without any interest from the side of the music director and the lyrics have just stopped making any sense.

Item songs may have become a mandatory part of movies but not every time a lyricist has to make the songs in a sleazy tone, so much so that even if a person wants to enjoy listening to it he/she can’t around parents or elders. I personally had a tough time adjusting to listen to Choli Ke Peeche or even Sheila Ki Jawaani. How can one croon about someone’s blossoming youth which is too sexy to handle!?

While I was still trying to adjust with this, the lyricists went a step ahead and have now started using abusive terms in songs. Now why would they do that? How do they expect the songs to become popular when no one in their right mind would sing an abuse loudly?

Critics will say it affects young, impressionable minds and the so-called experts think that these songs are responsible for rape and molestation. Frankly, I don’t think the language of the song is responsible for anything but yes if an art form like movies start to lose their meaning then I do have a problem and I will object. Songs are meant to be enjoyed listening to, danced on and to help you go down memory lane. Not cringe.

Here are some recent songs that have lyrics you can’t really lip sync to unless…you have a dirty mind!

Party All Night – Boss


The song’s lyrics are: G**d mein dum hai toh bandh karwa lo

Laila teri – Shootout at Wadala


The song lyrics used to be “Laila Teri Le Legi” until the Board asked the makers to change it to “Laila Tujhe Loot Legi”

Aare Pritam Pyaare – Rowdy Rathore


The song serenades a woman’s body parts comparing it to guns and bullets.

Ghaziabad ki Rani – Zilla Ghaziabad


The song suggests the dancer isn’t to be taken as your father’s property. “Apne Baap ka na samjho maal”

Dan Dan Cheeni – Department


While the lyrics are strictly okay of this song but the gyrating moves and cheap angle shots compelled me to add this song in this list.

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