Want To Earn Money From Your Food Passion? Use Social Media

If you are someone who has a keen interest in the world of food and want to earn few bucks out of it, we think social media will help you find the right direction. Read on to know how…

It is said that food is something that connects people very easily. There are many who just don’t love eating food about are mad about anything to do with food. This passion for food has developed interesting business models for many foodaholics.

It can be observed that social media has led to the mushrooming of great avenues for foodaholics to earn some quick bucks. Wondering how?  Take a look…

Host your own cookery show

If you are someone who wants to be like one of those celebrity chefs, all you have to do is make a Google account. Offcourse there is much more that you have to work on. Start shooting interesting videos when you in your kitche and then start uploading them on YouTube.

In order to start earning money on your videos, you’ll need to enrol to YouTube’s partner program. According to YouTube’s official blog, the YouTube partner program allows creators to monetize content on YouTube through a variety of ways including advertisements, paid subscriptions, and merchandise.

In addition to joining the Partner Program, Creators can take advantage of the variety of resources, features, and programs that YouTube provides to help you build your channel(s) and your audience. Make sure you have a strong line of thought while enrolling to this for great return on investments.

Be a storyteller

There are many shutterbugs out there who click foodgasmic pictures. The demand for food photography has increased a lot over the last few years. Thanks to platforms like Intagram and Pinterest.

Apart from just clicking product pictures, food photography has a lot more to it. You could integrate your pictures with a blog. Today, storytelling is an art that connects with the virtual audience the most. You can focus on creating cross promotions on using these different platforms.

You can always host an online exhibition of these photo essays. There are many restaurants that are looking for buying art work which has a touch of reality. This can fetch you a lot of money in the long run.

Create an interest group

If you are someone who is willing to share your culinary skills with others then social media can help you in a lot of ways. You could organise online cooking workshops. Spread a word about this using all the social networks where you are active.

After which you could create a hangout and share some creative ideas. You could start this with nominal fees and later on go ahead to conduct offline food walks or tasting events to build a strong community of food enthusiast.

Be brand associates

While you are doing any activity from the above you could focus on marketing it too. Watch out for brands that you can approach. You can help these brands with contest, reviews, previews, offline activities and events.

This can happen only in much later stage of your business on social media. You should make sure your work speaks for itself. If that happens then brands will come down to hunt for you soon.

If you have thought for scaling up the foodie in you, just start using social media tools wisely and with much passion!


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