Earlier Beggars Begged Because They Had No Option, But Today It Has Become A Business!

Begging has become a business

“Begging has become a business”

There was a time, when beggars were helpless and their only option was to beg.

Even while begging, their eyes used to be filled with shame and their tone of voice was utterly soft and low. Earlier, they used to beg and ask for the needed money only.

But nowadays, everything has changed and begging has become a business.

They are not asking money because they are helpless to do anything, but they are doing it for their own benefit. Their innocence is no more innocent and thus, it all goes to the high extent, when instead of keeping quiet, they keep troubling each and every person on the street.

Not only that much, some of the beggars behave so badly, that they even use words that are enough to upset each one of us. Apart from that, some beggars even abuse people who refuse to give ‘em money.

Some of you might’ve come across these harsh sayings- “Jise Malik Ne Diya Hai Wahi Dega”, Joh Deta Hai Or Joh Dene Wala Hai, Woh Bulakar Deta Hai”, “Joh Khud Nahi Kha Sakte Woh Bhala Dusron Ko Kyu Khilaenge”.

Today, the people who walk on the streets {Including you} clearly know that begging has become a business. Despite laws, the process of begging is not at all given any special attention.

That is why; Youngisthan has taken an initiative to remove the begging process. India is not a beggar’s country but it is a country that we all are proud of. Youngisthan wants other people to help us in this initiative, so that we make our INDIA beggar-free.

According to the reports, for 1 day, beggars earn minimum 1000 Rupees and during festive season, they earn total 2000 rupees. The rich ones, who force some people to beg every-day, take all the money and this is how the profession continues.

Beggars change their attire and religion too- For e.g. If area A consists of Hindu people, then they will dress up as Hindu and if area 2 consists of Muslim people, then they will dress up as Muslim’s.

Those who are in groups play smartly and divide time and places.

Some men are so smart that they send their wives and small kids to beg. Their wives then give emotional reasons and tell stories e.g. “My husband is not well” etc.

Many even attempted to get the beggars out of this business, but No, they are not at-all ready because for them begging taste better instead of hard-work.

This is the main reason why the organised gangs are taking advantage of begging in this manner. These gangs’ related people kidnap small children and force all of ‘em to beg and earn money.

This was the truth behind begging. So now, you’ve to decide whether you’ll keep giving ‘em money or take some action and help us to stop it.

We want all your support to make INDIA beggar-free.

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