This Is What Shahrukh Khan Wears In His Bedroom !

Shahrukh Khan Wears

When you go to sleep, what do you wear?

Well, for me, I jump into my jammies and an over-sized t-shirt right after I reach home so that I don’t have to change at night.

Basically, a lot of us go to sleep like we are some drug addicts who don’t have proper clothes. But, that’s not the case with some of the stars and specially Shahrukh Khan.

As the world knows, Shahrukh Khan is a self-obsessed man who doesn’t care about the critics because he is so much in love with himself. He proved that self-love to everyone when he told in an interview that he always dresses up before going to bed.

No, not a casual dress up but just the way we get dressed to go to a party.

Shahrukh Khan wears his Dolce and Gabbana shorts or Lulu Lemon track pants along with a crisp white shirt. Not just that, even shahrukh khan wears a cologne while dressing up for bed and everyone around him actually thinks that he is getting ready to go out. Like we wear bedroom slippers, Shahrukh Khan wears shoes and that’s why he think he has athletes foot. He makes sure he is never barefoot and doesn’t like taking off his shoes until and unless he goes to sleep.

Well, we all know that Shahrukh Khan has weird obsessions and not just him, but every celebrity has a different obsession.

But getting ready for bed in this way seems too much, right?

Apart from his weird obsession for his bedroom clothes, Shahrukh is also obsessed with jackets. Being a Delhiite, he has always loved winters and jackets. So, even when he is not able to wear them in Mumbai, he buys a lot of jackets for himself.

Even his wife Gauri agrees that Shahrukh is very possessive about his clothes and sometimes, even she is not able to understand why he dresses up so much.

Well, all we can do is ponder how he manages to take care of himself so much in such busy schedules.

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