Plunge Yourself Into The Blue Ocean Of #Santorini In #Greece

Travelling to santorini Grecce – Holidaying with your special someone to a serene place? The place that looks like it has just come out from a fairy tale story, is none other than Santorini, a Greek Island also known as Thira.

How about holidaying with your special someone to a place which looks absolutely serene?

The place that looks like it has just come out from a fairy tale story, is none other than Santorini, a Greek Island also known as Thira.

Santorini is a place which has an active volcano.

The hills, theold houses on higher altitude and the ocean go hand in hand. Famous for its striking views, recently Santorini has become a hot favourite for many tourists especially couples and backpackers. This place has got, much in store for you to make your travel turn into a whole new experience.

Santorini is a place where you can have number of activities to do right from sailing, scuba diving to even a donkey ride!

Backpacking around Santorini

Backpacking around this place can bring out something really new with your travel experience and you can also go on excursion to the nearby places in and around Santorini and also try out the local cuisine of the place along with some great wine. When you travel on your own you will get to explore more and may travel deep into this small island which is just beautiful. You can travel to nearby places like fire, near the volcano etc.



Scuba Diving

The deep blue ocean of Santorini is probably one of the best places to do scuba diving. Scuba diving takes place on both ends of the Santorini Island. The two main places where diving takes place is Kamari and Perissa.



Donkey ride in Fira

As mentioned above, the donkey ride in Santorini is one of the most important things to do when you are on the island. The donkeys do play a very important part for the tourism and it is highly recommended to have an experience at least for once. The ride takes place to the old harbor area of Fira.




The amazing landscape of Santorini also offers you the opportunity of sailing around the island. The sailing tour will take you to some of the very beautiful sites that are splendid. It will give you the extended view of the Island of how it lokks with the combination of blue sea and white washed houses.



Stay in Cave houses

When you are in Santorini, try once to have an experience of living in a cave house. These are the typical houses which have real gothic touch to it and may take you back in time.Living in these houses near the sea can be very relaxing to your soul.


Santorini is a place to have numerous experiences that are rare to find in some other places and so it can be surely added to the bucket list.

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