You Can Travel To These Countries From India Without A Visa

Without A Visa

To travel is a magnificent thing and as a great man once said, each year go somewhere you have never been.

While there are numerous delightful sights to find in India itself, it is continually intriguing to comprehend what lies past, and to satisfy this interest we regularly experience many customs before we can legitimately enter another nation.

Visas have for quite a while disheartened explorers from taking that a get-away abroad. While getting a Visa for some nations isn’t generally difficult, it’s incredible to realize that there are still a couple of places where Indian residents are permitted to set foot without a visa.

So whenever you need to travel to another country and would prefer not to trouble with a visa, go to any of these countries.

Without a visa –


Rich greenery, the Himalayas, and interesting religious communities welcome you to Bhutan with open arms, short a visa on the off chance that you have an Indian passport.

What better place to surge off to for a little break than Bhutan? It is one of the remotest places on the planet and this makes it a perfect excursion goal for people who want to detach from the world for a couple days.


Dominica is not short for Dominican Republic but rather is another island in the Caribbeans.

Some beautiful islands along with oceans are all the right words for a flawless get-away and it’s surprisingly better when we say that it is without visa for Indians. What’s more? Dominica permits Indians to stay for around 22 months without a visa. In a perfect world implied for the individuals who need to take a load off while taking in the perspectives of the dazzling ocean.

The island is rich with lavish woodlands, mountains and even houses the world’s second biggest hot spring, famously known as the Boiling Lake.


Think Jamaica and the moment picture that rings a bell is a lethargic day by the shoreline, tasting on some Pina Coladas while some Reggae music plays out of sight.

Jamaica is the ideal photo of a tropical island. Lavish rugged woods, reef lined coasts and awesome nightlife. It’s as though Jamaica was made so that the world could have a flawless place to visit for a break.

I mean Bob Marley belonged here, shouldn’t that be reason enough?

El Salvador

El Salvador is a little South American nation which is typically not on people’s mind when they are thinking of an excursion, yet this little country has some great stuff in store for the beach lovers and surfers and on the off chance that you are Indian, then please simply come and surf past the visa procedure. The capital San Salvador has a thriving nightlife and an extraordinary culture scene for all those looking to party the unique way.

So, these are the countries where you can go without a visa. Which one of these amazing countries you are planning to visit?

Well, you don’t need a visa but you will need a great company for sure.

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