8 Thoughts We All Have In Our Mind When The Person We Texted Isn’t Replying!

Texting Fears :

8:00 – Typing message




8: 01



…….Why they hell is this person not replying me?

Oh God, trust me; it is the most irritating situation to be in. Have you ever been in a situation where two of you are chatting with each other, conversation is going smooth, but suddenly, the person you’re talking to stops replying your text & you’re like “WTH? Why is this person not replying me even though they’ve SEEN my message (blue ticks)

Ugh, I know, this type of situation is the worst one to experience.

When we’re caught up in this mess, there are many thoughts that keep coming in our mind. Here, listed below are some of them.

  1. Why this person isn’t replying me?

First thought that comes to mind is, why the person stopped replying. Like seriously, everything was going so smooth, conversation was interesting etc, then why?

  1. Am I that boring?

Even though we shouldn’t, we blame ourselves thinking “maybe this person got bored.” You know; it happens a lot, right? We have this bad habit of blaming ourselves.

  1. Did this person dropped the phone?

Yeah, we say shit like this. I mean, deep down we know that nothing such happened but yet, to feed our mind with reasons, we always say this shit.

  1. Should I text something interesting?

Yeah we FEEL that maybe sending an interesting text or maybe copy pasting a joke will turn the situation into better. Sometimes we do this thing & still the person doesn’t reply. What happens next? Oh God, we keep saying “I shouldn’t have done that because now the person will think I’m a despo.”

  1. Maybe this person is busy on FB

Just to be sure, we open FB and then we check whether so & so person is online or not.

  1. Maybe sleep ruined it all

AFTER 2 hours, we think maybe this person is sleeping. So yes, I’ll wait till morning.

  1. Maybe *Whatsapp Calling* will help

Oh shit, I shouldn’t have done that. IF this person ask me “why was I calling?” I’ll reply “Oh it happened bymistakely.’”


When it gets too much, we end up saying “Alright, this isn’t FAIR now.” “I’m not going to talk to this person ever again.”



*New Message*

Oh it’s the same person

CONTINUES TALKING….like nothing happened at all.

Texting Fears – Any points to add? Comment below. 

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