She Proposed First’¦. Ooohhhh

Why girls can’t propose first – Seldom have we raised our eye brows when the guys made the first move…or did we ever find it odd? But when a girl proposes…well, what is the big deal?

I have always wondered about the entire fuss about women making the first move.

As if the judgemental society wasn’t enough even the guys feel intimidated when the girl makes the first move.

Really, why?

It is 2014 for Christ sake… men are marrying men.

Isn’t it high time that the perception about extrovert girls change?

Even if the girl is introvert and she happens to express her love fist, seriously that isn’t something unbelievable.

Every person has the right to express feelings.

Who exactly came up with the ideal concept of marriage proposal? Is it written somewhere that only guys have the sole authority to propose?

Going on one knee and speaking your heart out isn’t really restricted to guys. Why can’t we picture girls like this. Not saying there haven’t been cases where girls might have done this gesture but questioning the stereotype attached to this act.

There isn’t any gender specification about the way people feel. Feelings are natural and hence their expressions are natural too.

When we see in a movie the girl making the first move, we immediately coin her to be different than the normal behaviour. We call her extrovert, different, etc.

The way this behaviour is perceived is sometimes quite irritating. When a girl asks someone on a date that doesn’t in any way imply that “she is easy”.

In fact the baffling case is when a guy (and a lot of guys actually have this behaviour) asks a girl on the initial dates if he happens to be bad. I mean what exactly do they check?

If a girl goes on a blind date then even the guy came to meet her blindly. Roles become specific and so easily the girl’s character is analysed.

It is a convenient act of the society to put a girl on the testing pitch. But seldom have we questioned the guy’s first move.


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