Explore The Charm Of This Small Island, That Is Sri Lanka!

Travelling to Sri lanka – With a lot of Ramayana that happened in the history in and around India and Lanka, after thousands of years Sri Lanka is a place for your memorable sojourn.

With a lot of Ramayana that happened in the history in and around India and Lanka, after thousands of years Sri Lanka is a place for your memorable sojourn.

This small island in the Indian Ocean and in the south of India is a beautiful place that has to offer a lot right from the beautiful beaches to rich flora and fauna.

Apart from Tamilians, this place is also a home for rich Buddhist culture and there are many beautiful monasteries to visit. Ceylon as it was called initially has a history that dates back to 3000 years. Despite of being a small island, there are numerous beautiful places to travel that can add to your travel scrap book and along with these are some exotic local cuisines and different cultures.

So through this post we can manage to have a mini tour to Sri Lanka and next time when you plan an exciting holiday, you just know where exactly to go!

The best time to visit this island country is from December to March when it is pretty dry and pleasant, while May to September is the monsoon season.

Adam’s Peak

This is a must visit place when you travel to Sri Lanka. Adam’s peak is a great place of interest because here is a “sacred footprint” which is claimed by almost all the religion. The Buddhist claims it to be Buddha’s foot print, the Hindus call it of Lord Siva, and Christians believe that is of St. Thomas, while according to the Islamic tradition, this could be the place where Jabal Adam, fell on Earth and so probably it is his footmark!




This place is a partially restored old city which still has ruins of the Sinhalese culture. It is a very old city and has a history of around 2000 years. When you visit this place you will be moved by age old ruins and the restored Sinhalese civilization. This is one place that can top your list.



Yala National Park

Yala National Park of Sri Lanka is a home for rich flora and fauna. Experiencing a wildlife safari in this place is one great thing to do where you can eye many huge elephants, birds, monkeys and leopards.




Galle is Sri Lanka’s one of the most preserved colonial town. You will find a beautiful and very Old Dutch Fort in this town. It is lovely town that can also offer a perfect place to chill after a long travel.




After all of the historical travel, when you feel like relaxing in the end of your journey, Mirissa is a place that can come to your rescue. It is a small care mellowed village on the coast of the country where you can laze around on the beach and can have lots of whale watching.


Apart from these beautiful and must visit places, here are some lovely traditional festivals of the country like Kandy Esala Perahera and Kandiyan Dancing and Drumming. These are some exuberant festivals which cascades the beautiful locale, Sinhalese culture with extravagantly decorated elephants, lots of music and energetic drumming and rhythmic dance.

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