Things we will remember about Iranian cafes…

Here are few things we would always remember about Iranians cafes even if they all gone one day…

The news of B Merwans and Co shutting its shop is floating on social media since last week. This 100 year old Iranian cafe serves a meal for less than 40 bucks. Thanks to the commercialisation of coffee culture today that these tiny heritage cafes are facing a tough time running a profitable business.

According to a few media reports in the 1950s, there were 350 Irani cafes in the city and today, only 25 are remaining. These days no one really has time to sit down for few minutes to have a cup of tea. People in the city prefer hanging out at fancy coffee shops. But I can really see that day coming when these cafes will be missed and will just be a part of nostalgia.

Here are few things we would always remember about Iranians cafes after they are all gone…

Bun maska & Milk wali chai


 Picture Courtesy: iranichaimumbai/flickr


Picture Courtesy: Chowdersingh.com

Those marble toppped tables covered with plastic covers and the old advertisements on the walls


Picture Courtesy: iranichaimumbai/flickr

Endless gossip session and those deep discussions


 Picture Courtesy: iranichaimumbai/flickr

The smiling Bawa Uncle at the billing counter  



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