Stand For Your Country And Witness These Events This Republic Day

During the republic day week there are numerous activities that will be taking place all across the county which you can proudly witness.

We are just a week away from the country’s 66th Republic Day, and the whole country is in full colour of patriotism.

Well right now when you see our national capital, the preparations are on its height and you will find the practices going along by different groups who will be performing on the republic day parade.

Also, this year President of U.S, Barack Obama will be the chief guest of our republic day parade. Another special thing this year is that for the first time women armed forces of India will be a proud part of the parade. So, during the republic day week there are numerous activities that will be taking place all across the county which you can proudly witness.

The parade and other programmes instantly generate a sense of patriotism among the mass.

Let’s have a glance of the events taking place during the week of Republic Day to which you can be a proud part of.

Republic Day Parade

The Republic Day Parade is one programme that is witnessed by thousands of people across the country either live or on television. The parade starts early in the morning with the chilling weather of January. The Republic Day Parade comprises of the whole day programme organised by the Government of India. It showcases the marching of all the armed forces people, their artilleries, procession of the cars of different states, children performing different folk programs,etc. from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to the India Gate. This is one sight that just looks beautiful and makes you proud of the diversities that our country has.

If you wish to be a proud viewer of this parade, it is a ticketed affair and the tickets are available two weeks before the programme.



Wagha Border

The celebration does not end at the National Capital; a similar kind of celebration can be seen at the Wagha border of India and Pakistan. Along with the parade there is also a proper salutation ceremony with the Pakistani forces and there is an amazing zeal among the forces with the happiness all around the air.

There are many people who gather to watch the parade ceremony at the border.



Beating The Retreat

After the multihued parade at the Rajpath on 26th of January, the closing ceremony takes place with the Beating the Retreat programme held after two days of Republic Day i.e. on 29th January in the evening. With the setting sun at Vijay Chowk in Delhi and the background of Rashtrapati Bhawan, this beautiful ceremony dates back to the age old tradition where the soldiers called down the war at the sunset. The ceremony has the Armed forces band performing some heart-rendering tunes on the rhythms of which you will be forced to tap your feet. At the evening 6’oclock ceremony the bugles are called and the National flag comes down followed by the National Anthem.

The sight is just great to witness.


So with such lovely ceremonies taking place around the Republic Day, hope you make up some plans to celebrate it with the country.

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