Which Zodiac Signs Have The Most Wandering Eye

Wandering eye

Wandering eye – A lot is determined by your zodiacal attributes.

There is a saying that at least 12 different kinds of people you get to see under one zodiac sign but there will be a common thread connecting them.

However, being in a relationship is not as enriching for all the signs and they always look for options when the relationship loses its charm. We see everything from rose tinted glasses for the initial six months but then it all becomes common place and predictable. Know which signs get most annoyed with this predictability and cheat:

However, we will proceed with keeping one thing in mind that no zodiac sign is immune from cheating, wandering eye and we are here under giving you the names of zodiacs that do it pretty fast:

Wandering eye –


Aries is a fire sign and people belonging to this zodiac tend to be impatient. They are always in the lookout for adventure and when the partner is boring, there is nothing that can keep Aries from cheating. However, it completely depends on how much satisfied they are in the relationship.


Gemini is symbolized by twins and they are dual natured. They can compartmentalize their feelings pretty skilfully. You have to bow down to Gemini for his skills to juggle with two partners. They are so fickle that they get tired with a partner fairly easily and starts cheating.


Pisceans are dual-natured too. They always keep their emotions under wrap but they are cold blooded plotters. Either a Piscean can be a complete saint or a complete sinner. They are always detached from reality and head rests in the clouds. You have to keep rekindling the passion in your relationship with a Pisces and pamper them a lot or they will cheat you in a manner that it will be too late when you catch them red handed.


Scorpions are sex symbols and they tend to cheat when the sex life becomes boring in a relationship. They can be surprisingly faithful if they are satiated by their partners sexually who keeps whetting their sexual hunger and holds their interest too. Otherwise, rest assured that your Scorpion partner will lose respect for you in a jiffy and look for sex elsewhere. Their inclination towards sex is a complete no-brainer.


They vie for justice and live by it too. Hence, they are not categorical cheaters but you have to provide them the mental support and stability in a relationship in order to keep them interested. If Librans are one bit doubtful, they will not think twice to settle their shop elsewhere.

These zodiac signs have Wandering eye – These are the key reasons for these zodiac signs to cheat. However, it completely depends on the bonding between partners to keep them from cheating. Everyone seeks emotional stability and hence keep options handy.

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