It’s Funny And sad : When Women Give These Excuses While Friend Zoning You

Friend Zoned

Have you ever been friend zoned? We feel you, bro. It’s THE worst feeling in the world. It can make you question yourself and even bring about a sense of doom. And what makes it worse? The kind of excuses women give while politely (!) friend zoning you.

We have compiled the best five Friend Zoned excuses, read on…

Friend Zoned –

You remind me of my father:
Ouch. When she says this, you should run. Fast. Because she is not only calling the relationship sexless, but also suggesting that your hooking up with each other will be…kind of...incestuous. You wouldn’t know if you should take this as a good sign (because women do want their guys to be a little their dads) or a bad sign (as women can be turned off by daddy figures). Hmm.

I hope I find a nice guy like you:
Then why not me, woman! Yes, that’s the question to ask her, but she won’t have an answer. May be she has a boyfriend or is with you only for the perks, whatever it is. If she utters this line, you should never try to escape from the friend-zone. Unless you’re Ron Weasley.

I love you like a friend:
whatever the hell does it even mean? What’s loving somebody like a friend! You either love them or love them not. Simple, right? But, no…women don’t work like that. They want hugs, jokes, somebody to be crazy with, somebody to drive them around, but somebody they would never date in a million years. Sorry, bro.

You deserve someone better, babe:
It’s really the best way to tell someone that you don’t have the hots for them. But you would still love to hang out with them. It might physically hurt you to hear this line, but you have to bear it. We know how annoying it can be. So the only want to escape from the zone is to forget and move on. Unless you’re…

I have never seen you that way:
Uff. Then why are you with me, girl! You want the funnies, but not the bunnies, eh? Probably that’s why women are so difficult to decipher. You don’t know how and what they see, so you’re forever confused. It’s better to ask her out and get rejected than decoding her little hints.

Guys, if you’re in the Friend Zoned for more than a year, time to get the hell out. Trust us.

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