Nature Facts You Should Know About Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh is a wonderful state located at the North-East state of India. Beautiful place covered with ice on one side while green hills on the other side. The Himalayas range borders this region of northeast defining the varied mountains, greeneries, and the rivers. Gorgeous sparks of the dropping waterfalls and rivers including the ancient gestures along with the traditional beliefs of the Mishi tribes. Each section of this state is believed to stand at the peak known beauty of Nature in India.

Tawang, district is situated eastern Bhutan the mountainous range that is covered with snow in December and January. Snowfall is the main attraction of Tawang, the temperature falls to about below -3 degrees in winter. Apart from the snowfall, if anyone wants to watch the scenic beauty of the mesmerizing flowing river, trees, and mountains, Tawang can be the one. Madurai Lake is popularly known as Shonga-Ster-Lake.

Arunachal Pradesh is the land that is covered by Himalayas that runs from the north to the south. The density of the ice can be seen in winter when the five river valleys are entirely frozen due to the influential touch of the Himalayas. The rivers and rivulets that scatter from this mountainous land are chilled frozen in Winter.

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The Brahmaputra is the longest river of Assam and its outlet is from the icy areas of Tsangpo in Tibet joins the Dibang and after entering Assam it is known as Brahmaputra river.
Hereby it is clear that the major part is surrounded by the Himalayan mountain. This is the reason that during winter the ice-fall is high and also attracts high troops of tourists in the area of Tawang to enjoy the chilled ice falls, the place is close to the mountains.

Depending on the distance of the places from the largest mountain the temperature of the places changes. So, if you are visiting the portion below the Upper Himalayas it is for sure that you will enjoy a temperate climate. Well as you come down to the mid-Himalayas the climate is almost temperate but the subtropical climate is entirely hot summer and less cold in winter that is opposite in ices filled areas of Tawang.

Not too much or not too less it is in the sub-Himalayan areas and the sea the level areas experience a climate filled with humidity. As you visit the state Arunachal Pradesh you will realize the climate changes of the mountains as you move from one place to another.
Ziro is covered with snow in winter which is about 250 km away from Arunachal Pradesh approximately. If you like adventure then Bumla pass can be your favorite place for trekking, approximately 37 km away from Tawang. Ziro is the world heritage place surrounded by valleys and nature’s green beauty.

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The Namdapha National Park is located in the eastern region of the Himalayas popular for the presence of leopards. The best part of the forest is the variety of ranges from tropical rain forests to the coniferous trees. Wide ranges of habitats and endangered species are seen in this area of Himalayas. Stepping into Arunachal Pradesh will take you to the heaven of Himalayan Mountain with diversified regions and cultures that any travel lover will love to explore.

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