How to woo a Libran!

October is the month of one of the most charming signs on the zodiac and we tell you how to woo them!

October is the month of one of the most charming signs on the zodiac…Libra. They are charming, friendly and extremely moody. It’s a task to woo a Libran, but we tell you how to do that in simple, easy ways. Read on!

Be straightforward:

These buggers are frank to the point of being rude. If you like them, tell them so. They love it when people are straightforward and not into dilly-dallying business. Since Libras take a while to reach a decision, it’s better to tell them about your feelings right in the beginning.

Turn on the charm:

The only way you can woo a Libran is by turning on your charm. Since they have a lot of friends, you need to stand out in order to capture their eyes. Bring on the charm and make them go nuts for you. But if you try to fake it, they will come to know about it, so keep it clean. Yeah?

Understand their moods:

Since they are extremely moody, it’s important to understand their moods before you act on your feelings. If they’re pissed, leave them the hell alone. You JUST don’t know what will wind them up, so keep quiet till they are done venting. Once they’re back on tracks, you can be normal with them. This fluctuation between highs and lows is what makes them very difficult to deal with. But it’s this same volatility that gives them an interesting edge.

Having a good taste:

One of the most difficult signs to please, these guys dig people with a good taste in music, literature, art, music, dressing and pretty much everything else. If you have a killer taste with ability to turn heads wherever you go, your job is oh-so simple. It doesn’t mean that you change yourself for them, but if you show that you’re well informed and presentable, it does add value to you, from a Libran’s perspective.

Don’t be commitment -phobic

Since they have wasted enough time scouting for the right person and many decades trying to ‘decide’, when they do commit to you, they expect it to be for life. They don’t believe in flings and won’t waste time on affairs. You tell them you mean business, right from the first meeting. Don’t let them think of you as a distraction, let them consider you an asset. You can do this, right?

Be bold and flirty:

They love to flirt and have fun. You need to be bold and wear your heart on your sleeves. They might not be very expressive when it comes to love and affection, but would love it if you showed them you cared. So be a lot more expressive when dealing with a Libran.


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