Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Dreams have uncanny connection with reality. We see the same things we have been raking over all day in our dreams. Our subconscious is a storehouse of everything about your life’s previous experiences, beliefs, memories and skills which weaves our dreams. With the advancement of science, dreams are now painstakingly interpreted and a great deal of theories has been brought forth so far. As scientists put it, dreams are nothing but a biological process and extension of waking consciousness. Here are some strange yet true facts about dreams that you did not know lately:

Dreams are forgettable:

We only dream when we are in deep sleep. It is a component of memory processing and consolidation of learning where our memories are stored but at least 90% of the dream is forgotten when we wake up.

Blind people dream too:

No matter if they don’t have vision; blind people can see things through their dreams, however strange it may sound. The people who are born blind don’t see any images but make their visual interpretation of sound, smell, touch and emotion they experience.

We only see the known faces in our dreams:

We can’t see anything beyond the known in our dreams. The faces we encounter in our dreams are the same ones we have come across in our real life. However, there is no dearth of supply as we see hundreds and thousands of faces in our lifetime.

Dreams have their own symbolic language:

Dreaming about a particular subject has veiled meaning. Apparently, they might seem to be very simple but they always hint at something that has happened, likely to happen or your particular state of mind.

Inflicted with negative emotions:

One can see as many as four dreams in his sleep but each one will be inflicted with all sorts of negative emotions. Only in rare cases, they are positive.

Dreams have an arresting strangeness that linger in the mind for quite some time even we woke up no matter if we forget the half of it.

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