India Surf Festival: A Shout For All The Water Sports Lovers!

India Surf Festival 2015, Odisha

When I read about the India Surf Festival 2015 For Water Sports lovers, even I wondered when this came to pass in India.

But yes, this is a call for all the surfers and also the non-surfers to have an amazing time of their lives by being a part of the unique India Surf Festival in Odisha state.

A pretty new festival for many of them, this is a sure shot platform for all the surf lovers who love having a roller coaster ride on the waves.

And if you think it’s just surfing, then you are wrong because apart from that you have art, fun, adventure, music and what not!

The India Surf Festival is in its 4th year now and will be held at the Ramchandi Beach of the city of black pagoda’s called Konark. The festival will start on 6th February and will continue for three days till 8th February. For three days you will be around many experienced and amateur surfers to have a great time. There will be also many workshops held to help people who are passionate about surfing.

Surfing in India is comparatively a lesser known sport and to give it a better and a larger platform this festival is a help to promote as many people who love this sport and move ahead with this. The main event is the Surfing Championship where the surfers from all parts of the world will be taking part.

Also this year’s theme for the festival is Girl Power.

The main idea behind this is to promote women empowerment and making things better for the girl community.

India Surf Festival 2015 for women empowerment

India Surf Festival 2015 for women empowerment

The humongous arrangement includes unlimited party nights where you get to tap your feet on many peppy numbers played by the DJ. So after all the day’s work, you know where you set to ease your tiredness. All day long there are events taking place where you see many painters painting around the venue.The budding photographers are busy capturing the moments and their work is showcased by the event organizers later. You will also witness some great aerial acrobatics by enthusiasts which will leave you just speechless.

The event takes place at the serene beach of the Konark city which is around 30 kms away from Puri and the nearest airport is Bhubaneswar. The place is well connected with roads and trains therefore reaching there is not much a problem. And if a road trip is on your mind it can be a kickass idea to add to some more thrills. Three days of sheer fun on the weekend can be one awesome experience you can have after a long working week. Starting from Friday, just kick start for a thrilling weekend ahead full of adventure and fun!

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