What Does the Color of Your Motorcycle Says About You

Your choice of colors can define your personality. Your choice of bike color can also help to do the same. Read on!

Truth be told! 

There is a lot of data available about what your choice of colors say about your personality. Let us look at what the choices of your motorcycle colors say about your personality. 


Technically speaking, black is not a color at all; it is ideally absence of colors. But it is one of the popular colors. Over the years top motorcycle brands like Suzuki and others have tried an array of colors in their cruiser lines, but the black unit has been the most successful among all colors. In context of biking, black is the color of luxury and sophistication, and not to mention it looks dead sexy. So it symbolizes a grand sense of style you possess.



On the contrary, white is the sum of all colors, it is absorption of all light. This may sound weird because it seems more like the absence of color altogether. The canvas is always white before you paint on it right? That says why white is so often related to the concept of purity. Kings wear white attire and ride white horses. So if you choose white if signifies how nice a person you are. You are a purist by heart and an all-around good human being. 



The color red evokes strong emotions: “painting the town red”, “seeing red”, or “red blooded” passion. So the color is very closely related to excitement, vis a vis Ferrari’s “racing red” (the only authentic color for any Ferrari, we think). But, when you talk of red bikes you simply can’t ignore another popular Italian bike maker, Ducati. Red motor bikes on roads are mainly Ducati, unless otherwise proved. According to Suzuki, red is a color that screams speed.



The color green is often linked to tranquility, nature and good luck. But when it comes to bikes, green equals Kawasaki; period. Never mind the early BMW 1000RRs colored electric-vomit-green and Triumph Street Triples colored Kelly-green. But if you see a green colored motorbike on the street, you can safely assume it to be from Kawasaki. The color green often has a calming effect, and it was a stroke of marketing genius when the brand adopted the color in the year 1968 for its bikes. 



The color blue is the most favorite color among men. The color is often related to people who are stubborn and have a rigid though process, they are comfortable in doing things their way and doesn’t like listening to others that much. That is the dark side of the color blue. On the contrary, the color is a symbol of loyalty, trustworthiness, sincerity and faithfulness. People to like the color blue like to make true-blue friends. The color conveys a sense of serenity and calmness. But these are two traits that don’t generally come to mind when you look at popular sportbike ever manufactured: the Suzuki GSXR. 


These are some of the ways your color choices can help to define your personality.

So what is your favorite color for bikes?

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