These Foods Will Naturally Cure Your Back Pain !

foods that cure back pain

Foods that cure back pain – In the good olden days back pain was only the problem of senior citizen but now day’s even young people complain about the posture and pain.

Back pain could be worst if prolonged for longer period of time.

Here are some foods that cure back pain – help in reducing the problems of back pain some of them are as follows:-

Foods that cure back pain –

  • Fish:– The blessing of natural ingredients like EPA and DHA fatty acids are the most proven method to reduce the rate of inflammation from our body systems. Being one of the good sources of Omega 3 fatty acids it can act as painkiller to cure the problems of back pain.
  • Pineapple:– The powerful enzymes called bromelian can act as natural pain killer in our body systems. Having fresh fruit is advisable rather than having tinned food.
  • Capsicum:- Over the period of time capsicum is even used in pain reliving medicines. They are meant to solve problems of chronic pain.
  • High fibre foods:- Back pain could be worst if you are constipated. It is advised to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily could make you feel hydrated.
  • Avoid Alcohol:- Consumption of Alcohol can worsen the pain as it can completely cause inflammation in our body systems.
  • Avoiding food that excess calories:- Consuming foods or overeating could lead in gaining extra calories and finally resulting in back pain. It is advised to stay fit and follow the regime of walking everyday.
  • Peppermint oil:- A good small proportionate of massage with pepper mint oil will create an soothing impact. Use few drops of peppermint oil and mix it well with coconut oil. This step can enhance circulation.
  • Magnesium:- The relaxing kind of minerals present can reduce the levels of stress from our body system thus implementing the dose of 500 mg could give you vital results. It is advised to reduce the dosage if it causes diarrhoea.

These are the foods that cure back pain – As old people advised us nothing happens in a day. We need to change  a lot from our regime. A bad posture too can rise in back pain. It is important to sit erect while we are working on gadgets or computer screen.

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